What is a facade glazing and can he be trusted?

What is a facade glazing and can he be trusted?

What is facade glazing? Can you trust your building facade glazing, which is gaining popularity? These issues are discussed in this article.

The advantages of glazing of facades of buildings

The growing interest and demand of people to different types of facade glazing can be explained by four reasons:

  1. Building with glass facade are much less than others.
  2. This type of glazing has a decent insulation and soundproofing.
  3. The house (and buildings) with the front glass look very nice and aesthetically pleasing. Big problems can not imagine, even washing the front Windows (in principle as washing Windows).
  4. No need to spend money on lighting in buildings, as the number of profile always comes down to the minimum number of elementary rooms have natural light.

The types of facade systems

In the modern world there are several facade systems, which is necessary to pay attention. Among the many such systems it is necessary to distinguish three:

  1. Structural.
  2. Mullion-transom.
  3. Semi-structural.

By the way, the volume of the glass panel can sometimes create the illusion of more prostranstva than it actually is.

Various system facade type is used to create a very beautiful, graceful and aesthetic in the winter (and summer) garden. The professionals most often (if such decision is not contrary to the nature of the building, and so on) recommend the use of aluminium profile, as this type of glass has such excellent properties as:

  1. Easy. All types of facade glazing are required to have this property – it’s main advantage over the other.
  2. Practical. Of course, visas of this paragraph will not do. Without ease of use it quickly lose demand.
  3. Durable. What material without the item about the durability? Any building, made with good materials and good hands, will stand for a long time.
  4. Safe. In terms of ecology.
  5. Cheap.Any material will quickly lose the hype if you will be big money! Isn’t it?
  6. Corrosion resistant.
  7. Excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation qualities.

Professionals create using aluminum new engineering building. In the case of glazing of facades, washing Windows (front) made by climbers, because you need special equipment.

There is also PVC profiles. But the growing popularity of frameless facade glazing. Its essence is that profile like no (he is invisible). With this glazing glass fixed with clips. But frameless glazing method inferior to the other as thermal insulation and sound insulation. Of course, not free – frameless glass copes with other properties, especially aesthetic.

Especially reliable is the double-glazed system Double Skin. This technology glazing is gaining popularity. As such, the glazing creates the illusion of a solid surface. With the outside of the house not see that the window frames are present on the Windows.

Here is the facade glazing, for example:

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