What iron to select, to make everything run smoothly?

What iron to select, to make everything run smoothly?

What to say: a couple of decades ago the hosts need not worry about which iron to choose. But courting it now is easy to get lost among the many models of irons offered by the store, and as a result come out of it empty-handed. However, there are simple tips to help you better understand the types of irons and accurately determine the conclusion.

Before the crucial indicators of iron should be attributed its power. This depends on the heating time and power of the steam, and much more. Features: power from 800 W up to 2800. Choose iron is too low power is not worth it due to the fact that it can delay the process of Ironing. Also you should not choose an overly powerful model if you regularly iron a lot of things. In this case, it is better to buy a professional iron. Moreover, it threatens the consumption of excess electricity that today – not a cheap pleasure.

Pay attention to the sole. This part of the iron must be primarily easy to slide and as strong as possible. The best material for it – aluminum with stainless steel coating. To a fairly high-quality coating also includes a sapphire crystal, but it greatly affects the price. Another requirement to the sole – is quite large. If it is small, to stroke it will have longer than usual. Your attention also deserve the irons on double sole. Such devices allow you to iron without the gauze, moreover, the second outsole – removable. However, this greatly affects the price of the irons.

Steam – that’s what we should ask, among other things. From the power of the steam flow and its flow depends on the speed of Ironing, exactly as its quality. This characteristic is measured by grams per minute. The most effective is the flow 100 grams per minute. It helps to remove even heavily creased items and clothes made of thick fabric like jeans. To make the process more efficient, get an ironthat has a hole for steam arranged along the length of the sole, while the more – the better. The best option is from 30 to 100 holes.

Then take a look at the system of switching modes. Where is a regulator of intensity? It is best if it is located on the iron handle so that it can be easily switched by the thumb.

Function available «splashing»? It will come in handy anyway, especially when Ironing heavily creased or over-dry clothes. During this on the fabric affects not only couples but also small drops of water. Water should not do that very much, as otherwise, the clothes will be stain. By the way, well, if the water tank is transparent. This will allow you to determine the amount of remaining water, without the aid of intuition. In this case, its optimal volume – 250-300 ml

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