What good PVC Windows Century?

What good PVC Windows Century?

PVC Windows, made by innovation, perfectly suited for the climatic conditions of Russia. Plastic window constructions have common advantages over other materials. They are somewhat different, because the profiles have specific technical and functional characteristics. For example, compare the well-known Century, and KBE.

Company KBE offers 7 types of profile: a brand new KBE 88 mm, engin, select, enter, green-line, expert, expert+. Firm Veka produces 8 types – soft, swing, topline, topline+, proline, and evroline Softline 82 mm. KBE expert is analogous to the top-line, softline swingline from Veka, KBE etalon has a lot in common with the profile Veka Euroline.

For homes in cold climates are more suitable profiles Century «topline» with foam fill. «Swingin» from the Century can be laminated, achieving different colors.

If you compare the characteristics of profiles include:

  • The standard from KVE repeats «Euroline» from Century. The difference of Veka profile – it allows you to set the profile, glazing a larger volume, giving high sound insulation properties. These Windows Century – the optimal solution for buildings whose Windows face a noisy highway, close to area airports, and other similar places.
  • «Select» and «expert» (KBE) is similar to the Century «top» and «Proline» and the profile «soft», but the products of the company Century have a higher coefficient of heat transfer resistance, and therefore, such design better retain heat in the apartment.
  • Products profile «topline plus» (Veka) are unsurpassed for heat-saving properties. They can’t even beat KBE «expert +» with 5 cameras and a wide box.

Profiles Veka with a thickness of 3 mm is equipped with a closed frame reinforcement. Window construction this firm complies with the European quality mark RAL. It is the only Russian company-producer of plastic Windows, have received this certificate. In the market window company Veka employs more than 40 years, its production facilities are located in 32 countries. Consumers in all corners of the globe praised the high quality, durability of products of this company. You can order excellent window on the website fenster/plastikovye-okna/zakaz/. Windows for many years maintained, easy to care for them, they are comfortable and practical.

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