What flooring should I choose?

What flooring should I choose?

In the modern world – the world of technology and the improvement of economic standard of living of people, the question often arises – what kind of flooring is best for a country house.

There are many options, from the simplest to the floor boards of cork and the so-called «warm» floors. They all have a number of advantages, a large variation of colors, but what gender is better?

Flooring – perfect flooring

Sounds expensive and credible. So. Parquet made of natural wood: oak, ash, pine, etc. So by installing it you must choose a quality lacquer coating.

Optimally lay parquet on the first floor, where there are a greater number of people: guests should not offer to take off their shoes right in the doorway, children on bicycles or on roller skates. This flooring has a very high resistance to impact and the application of brute force and durability. Not less popular in recent times was the wooden Board, like on the site mirpola.kiev/parketnaja-doska-c-470.

On the first floor of the house, the government must carefully consider the floor. To fill the first layer with gravel to retain moisture from the basement and lay insulated material. These actions will significantly increase the life of the floor and prevent the appearance of swellings such an expensive material as flooring.


It is much cheaper flooring, and has less useful properties. However, when choosing a laminate it is necessary to consider weak property – the fear of water. Lay laminate flooring in every room except wet areas. Today’s market offers a huge variety of coatings made of laminate – solid (industrial) with increased durability in the mixed (domestic), which provide a great choice.

Laminate is the most numerous market demand.

Floor tiles

Ideal covering for kitchen is a soft tile. The large variety allows you to choose the option for any interior. Tiles come in different sizes and shades.

The main disadvantage is that it is very cold and it is almost impossible to walk barefoot. This problem is easily solved, thanks to the latest technology of Underfloor heating. A warm floor is quite expensive, but taking into account the practicality, ease of sanitation and durability tile is more economical.


Linoleum is not less practical and convenient to use. It also has a relatively cheap cost. It can be used for laying the floor in any room except the children’s rooms and bedrooms because it is made from synthetic materials, complicates the conductivity of the air.

Most often linoleum used in the apartments.


Carpet is well suited for use in any room, which is visited only by tenants. For example, in the bedrooms. This floor covering is quite difficult to clean and keep clean. But it is warm and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. It is possible to lie, so he is well suited for a child’s room.

Currently, there is a new technology floor covering, for example, glass floors create a unique interior that give a rich and beautiful look of the house.

No matter what coverage fell to choose from its important to turn to professionals for installation, which will recommend ways of preparing the floor and laying it as a long service life.

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