What effect do Cycling for health?

What effect do Cycling for health?

Cycling is a kind of healthy lifestyle can not only improve health, but to increase mobility. The bike is a great alternative for those not wishing to walk but who are already sick of public transport and private car. Harmful exhaust gases and many kilometers of traffic jams is able to unsettle» even the most balanced and calm. And the popularity of the Bicycle in this regard will only increase.

Regular Cycling is highly beneficial to the health of the whole organism, both in men and women, but still I would like to note the positive and negative aspects of Cycling.

The positive aspects of Cycling for health

Cycling, outdoors and in a good mood, can be a great tool to fight overweight. Every pedaling involves every muscle group. With the increase of «veletaju» it becomes noticeable, especially on the legs. They be embossed, with toned muscles and acquire slender. However, it is important to know the measure of: more than two hours it is better not to ride. If there is no need to break records, then it is better to go slowly, «squeezing» 15 km/h, not more.

In order to achieve maximum benefit from the «velopokatushki», you need to drive far from the road – to avoid the inhalation of harmful car exhausts. To ride better in the woods and in the parks. You should choose the most comfortable mountain bike that will fit your parameters (ROS, weight). Going Cycling in the forest, it is necessary to be sure whether the bear «iron horse» of local trails. Otherwise you’ll have a fun outing is to go home with a broken great, quiet swearing.

Cycling strengthens the heart and blood vessels, train the respiratory system. For this reason, those who already have diseases of these organs, you should consult with your doctor about mode of riding and rest time.

However, a traditional Cycling absolutely not suitable for people with injuries of the knee cups. The benefit of this riding will not, besides it will be very painful. In this case, you need to buy a modified bike where the pedals are not spinning, and the choke-type trainer-stepper.

Harmful than Cycling?

Cycling can ruin the health of the body in a very few cases. But they are there. If the first landing on the selected bike seats of irregular shape, and it has the extra bulge, with a long trip nerves in the lower spine and the genitals, the risk of being strangled. This can lead to sexual disorders in men that is accompanied by erection problems.

Another negative aspect of Cycling can become dehydration because of the neglect of fluids during the trip. But it is, as described above, the negative aspect associated with frivolous attitude to Cycling.

Thus, by themselves, are not harmful Cycling, and the negative and the injury due to the negligent attitude to itself and to the inventory, are as commonplace as the fall from the bike.

Cycling can become not only a means of healing the body, but also successfully become a way of life. On a bike you can ride to work, to rest or ride with friends. A lot of people with similar experiences have already left their cars gathering dust in garages, and will only become healthier and more cheerful. And it seems that their number will only grow.

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