What documents are required for registration of a new passport of the Russian Federation

What documents are required for registration of a new passport of the Russian Federation

What documents are required for registration of a new passport of the Russian Federation? This topic is very relevant today in connection with the issue of passports of the new sample.

To travel abroad, you need to have not only the desire but also the passport. Now in Russia operates a system of registration of passports of the new sample. In order to obtain such a document to the Russians, who have reached eighteen years of age need to be not only capable, but also to prepare the necessary documents before proceeding to registration.

The first change in connection with the recent example is the statement that you wish to arrange the issuance of a foreign passport is issued in two copies, of the new model. If the information about your labor activity over the past ten years occupies a lot of space and not fit in the allotted field to fill, you can specify in the Annex below, in full.

All the information submitted about your career, it is imperative to assure his superiors at the place of work or study. This can help you as business leaders or HR staff at work.

There is a need to confirm identity. This passport says citizen of Russia will do. For those who live outside the Russian Federation needed a passport.

Inevitable there is an item of tax payment, even for a standard registration of passports of the new standard. After the payment, be sure to provide a receipt, which confirms its execution. The details used for the payment of taxes that is on the website of the Federal migration service or in Bank offices, and also in territorial bodies of the FMS of the Russian Federation.

One does not preclude the immediate production of the passport. The cost will naturally differ from the standard.

Need 2 photos size 35 x 45 mm on matte photo paper. Not allowed on images hats.

For employed people, one of the requirements is the provision of an extract from the work book. Temporarily unemployed Russians – only workbook. As the application for registration of passports of the new sample is available at the place of stay, and you are not excluded, there are no certified level of employment or study, then it is additionally necessary to provide a statement of your employment record for the last ten years.

For men, Russian citizens aged from 18 to 27 years, must provide a certificate from the military, that military service is successfully passed. Accordingly, to bring a military ID, which is checked.

If the validity of your previous passport has not yet ended, it also needs to provide.

Such action as renewal of passport, is carried out only in one case: if the FMS staff has made a mistake in the text of the document. They are required to make you a new passport to replace damaged immediately, without requiring from you neither charge registration fee nor filling out the questionnaire again. It will be enough to take a picture. In other circumstances, just made a new passport, and to apply for them and when the period of validity of the passport has not expired. On the application you can keep him, canceling by the stamp, cutting rooms and perforating photo. It may be useful to you for contacting the Consulate and if there is a relevant visa, it continues to be valid.

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