What do you mean theatre for children?

What do you mean theatre for children?

What do you mean theatre for children? To go to the theatre every child will need from year. At this age begins to actively shape memory, thinking, speech, and benefit from going to the theater is not enough. Exposing children to theatre is a family event, and so, regardless of age, experts advise parents to be with their children. Was revealed a curious fact: when parents sat in different places, the kid began to run from one parent to another. This is a significant contribution to the unification of the family.

During a theatrical representation of the child together with the parents usually involved in the action, worried about the characters, and after theatre shows they have something to talk about. The first experience of watching the play is very important as it determines the attitude to the theater.

For every kid it’s a great job and the experts noted: if parents with a child came out during the performance, they return to theatre for children and youth most likely quite soon.

The child just looks at the play, she is closely followed by the story and compares it with the read. Accordingly, there is serious concentration and emotional impact. Sometimes parents try in vain to protect kids from poignant moments of the play because the kid needs to learn to smile, to rejoice, to cry, to experience, it helps the child become an adaptive person. It is important that the parents were around all the time and the empathy was total.

Russian fairy tales — a tale that first introduces baby – mother. And this is not surprising, for example, the Fox is associated most often with cunning bear with straightforwardness, the hare with cowardice and it is quite important to the repertoire for children was Russian fairy tales, especially if it is a puppet theatre for children. This allows you to emphasize the traits of the heroes of the national folk epic.

Tales have to end good no matter what they look like in the plot of the tale. And it is very useful for the baby, because it parses what was read by his mother and what he sees in the theater. It develops memory, thinking of the baby.

There are moments when during a performance the child is crying. Refers to this need as the experiences for the characters – the inclusion of a child into the theme of the play. An advice in such a time-out to calm the baby and get back to the gym. And after the performance to come and regret that doll. An element doll therapy allows to remove many fears of the child, which is absolutely every. Therefore, it is recommended to come to the same show 2-3 times.

To do one thing with your family is work.

By the way, these days the theatre has become much easier due to the fact that tickets can be purchased via the Internet. You can order and buy tickets for the phantom of the Opera at the Moscow Palace of Youth on the website bilettorg/show/10203/. Be sure to go! Get a lot of fun!

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