What do we know about cheese?

What do we know about cheese?

What do we know about cheese? Cheese is delicious dairy product, the recipe of which people knew from ancient times. Today, it can be found in almost every refrigerator. Cheese is used in all cuisines of the world. In this article we will tell you about the cheese in more detail.

As well, in ancient times, people accidentally learned how to make a beloved and useful product – cheese. Probably this dairy delicacy appeared about 7,000 years ago in the Neolithic period. Of course, sequential technology did not exist, but watching the process of milk coagulation, a primitive people still brought this product. And after more than one hundred years, in the Middle ages of our era, the cheese-making reached its maximum development and popularity. And it was during this period increased the number of species due to different treatments of the raw material by brining, Smoking, the addition of spices and, most importantly, noble rot. So today difficult to consider all existing varieties. After all, every country, especially France, Holland, Italy is famous for its fine works. Unfortunately, in our days, customs clearance of foodstuffs to these countries is prohibited on the territory of Russia. But which would not have made the products of cheesemaking, the technology remains largely unchanged, as in the old days. Definitely different recipe, and the sequence unchanged.

First, prepare the milk. It is usually pasteurized, but there are species which produce from the raw. Then it adds yeast after a certain period, which begins the setting of milk. It is clipped on jelly-like mass and serum. The following degree of finish of the white mass determines the characteristics of the final product, as she kneaded a variety of spices, warmed and allowed to drain the remaining whey. After you have pressed. Again it should be clarified that according to the recipe, not all curds are pressed. We consider the conventional stage, so we will not dwell on some specific types. So now, cottage cheese should pickle and sent to a special room to Mature. Monitor future cheese and take care of it, clean, flip, washing, in order to subsequently enjoy and gain from it great benefit.

Well, what are the benefits of this dairy product isprobably known to many. Many of us cheese is a frequent guest in the fridge, not only because without it you can’t make universal Breakfast everyday or festive dish, but also because it contains valuable to children and adult organism, proteins, minerals, amino acids, bacteria, and minerals. Scientists believe that it can replace meat. Proved the interesting fact that a small piece of beneficial effects on human sleep.

Each cheese its own characteristics and advantages relative to the others. Whatever varieties you prefer, eat it in moderation. This high-calorie food.

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