What chandelier to choose for the living room

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

What chandelier to choose for living room? In each house only one room is designed to receive guests is the living room. Therefore, living room should be beautiful, harmonious and welcoming. Nowadays, when the decoration living room fashionable trends dictate the use of different styles, Each of them implies the existence of a variety of furniture, Wallpaper, figurines, pictures on the walls, paintings and appropriate lighting.

Therefore, choosing a ceiling chandelier in the Internet shop, you need to take care of several things at once: it’s functionality and handsome appearance, matching the style of the interior. In addition, the ceiling chandelier in the living room should provide room sufficient amount of light is her main goal, basically, the buying decision should be based on the personal preferences of family members.

Pay attention to specifications

Choosing a beautiful chandelier for living room you need to consider not only its appearance, but also technical characteristics.

  • Preference should be given to the most economical options;
  • You should take into account the possible number of mode switching;
  • Please note, you can adjust the power of illumination;
  • Look at chandeliers cartridges (standard or minion), arbolitovye or of ceramics, heat-resistant plastic. Last option is the most reliable.

As for the bulbs to be used in the chandelier, it is best to choose lamps or led lamps. With LEDs you can buy today and a chic crystal chandelier from Bohemia Ivele Crystal, and impeccable fittings German quality from MW-Light or Favourite, do other manufacturers. Although familiar to us lamp bulbs give a soft and familiar yellowish light, but they are extremely economical, besides, hot.

Some tips on choosing a chandelier

The light should be soft and unobtrusive, but at the same time, sufficient to light the entire room. If the chandelier enough to light up all the corners of the living room is to add a couple of wall lights.

Light fixtures should be practical, not very large, if the room is small, and not too small, if your hall is of impressive dimensions. It should be seen as a piece of furniture that needs to fit into the overall style that dominates the room. For example, if the room is a solid sofa, a large chandelier will look very harmonious.

Ceiling chandelier in the living room must match the room size and Central parts of the furniture. If in the middle of the hall stands a table, a living room serves both as a dining room, the chandelier should be about 30 cm less than the diameter of the table. The distance between the chandelier and dining table should not be more than 70 cm.

If you want to hide the flaws of the ceiling, choose a chandelier design, in which the horns are facing down, not up, and Vice versa for styles where you need a lot of light, and the ceiling is perfect, the horns need to look up.

The chandelier can be adjusted depending on how much you are willing to invest in your ceiling chandelier. Online store is ready to offer you options at different prices, and they are all good, each family has the opportunity to choose what is more suitable in cost and appearance.

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