What can you see in Vienna?

What can you see in Vienna

In Vienna there are a lot of interesting things for tourists. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Thus outdoor activities can always be combined with sightseeing tours of the city. If in advance all carefully considered and planned, you can always choose a suitable type of holiday.

In the Austrian capital a large number of old architectural monuments, parks, museums. There are also many other interesting places. So you can always find a suitable tour in Vienna or to visit interesting places.

For large-scale inspection of the vein need not days – weeks, because there are a lot of interesting things. But if the limit of stay there is limited, it is better to give preference to more specific sites. For starters, you need to visit the Old part of the city. Perfect for trips to the Museum quarter complex on the territory of 60 kilometers. There is a Museum of modern art, the Kunsthalle, the tobacco Museum and many more. Tired of walking around the museums, you can go eat at a local restaurant. Not to overpay, it is better to buy a combined ticket, which is admission in various institutions in the quarter.

If you plan a two-day excursion, in this case, you can visit several places. But in any case, tourists are recommended to visit a Catholic Cathedral. The mass of unforgettable impressions are guaranteed for tourists.

Walk from the Cathedral will bring tourists to the Vienna Opera. Here you can go to the premiere or visit the tour, which lasts 40 minutes. You should only consider that in the Opera seats are quite expensive – up to 240 euros. But here to order tickets in advance, about two months before the selected view.

Be sure to visit the Hundertwasser House in Vienna. This unique building, which is built entirely without straight lines. By the way, on the roof of this house you can see the growing trees. Its facade resembles a colorful mosaic. Explore the house absolutely for free. By the way, there’s the opportunity to purchase Souvenirs.

In Vienna, there are monuments for children. So if you have plans to take their children with them, they can find a way to relax and have fun. For example, you can take them to the Museum ZOOM. It is located in the Museum quarter. If you buy a combined ticket, no problem to get here. Children will take at the Vienna Opera. Here often there are performances for children, as well as specialized tours. Children’s performances have a duration of approximately 60 minutes.

Sometimes tourists come to Austria in winter. What interesting sights to see in Vienna in winter time? In this period of the year in the Austrian capital you can visit the Park or an outdoor Museum. You can also go to the Belvedere or to find other opportunities for recreation.

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