What business can arrange for a photographer?

What business can arrange for a photographer?

What business can arrange for a photographer? It turns out that variants are not so little. In this article we will discuss what possibilities exist for earnings from a person enjoys photography.

Lived a man and did beautiful pictures. Many gigabytes of gorgeous photos and hundreds of likes on social networks, but it is after 6 PM, and in the best case, the office or showroom in the store. A chief who does not want to see creative, grooving only useless plans and empty promises promoted after a year. And at one point jacked the artist decides it’s time to drop everything and start to do things that are really fun and can be profitable. In fact already did not have the energy to work, when portfolio are masterpieces, able to attract the gaze, and the cameracollecting dust on the shelf, begging to give it in good hands or take out the battery and immersed in a prolonged coma. The photographer picks up your working tools and with lenses at the ready goes to the heights, fighting headwind, burning face cold. So, the first fork in the road, three way.

The path first. Shop

The most trivial option for our hero becomes a shop. He knows where you can rent a room, can adjust the lighting, what makes a great photo retouching. The only challenge is customer acquisition and the payment of rent and taxes. Services shop (photo on documents, printing photos, etc.) is most in demand where you need photos, for example, near passport offices or in business centers. And the photographers of the company are often invited to various events, where not only are shooting, but also make processing of the obtained images.

Seeing this, the photographer understands that he needs a good start-up capital, which will allow you to open an Atelier in a public place or advertising to attract visitors.

The second way. Photo shoot

Now the future photographer, a businessman decided to look creatively for future work. He wants to do, not just do black and white photos for documents. In this case, he will approach the job as a photographer on photo shoots. For this he does not need initial investments, but only if he doesn’t want to take photos in their own Studio with their own props. The main place to find customers is the Internet. Offering their services and showcasing the interesting portfolio, a photographer can not only get a good income, but to gain popularity, and later to open his own exhibition. For example, a business photoshoot in Moscow for you will cost 100.e per hour. Pretty decent, isn’t it?!

In this version, our hero seems to be difficult finding customers. So how many studios give their photographers, and so will have to look for clients outside of them, surprising them high quality or low prices.

The way the third. Photo

Considering the way, the businessman was a bit tired and was thinking about running the photos on it. He wants to photograph was a passive source of income. And here comes the idea: the banks! To sell the right to use the image photo the effluent gives the opportunity. You need to register on various stock photography and download quality photos, perhaps decorated in unique style and correctly to attract buyers to his work.

Everything seems simple, but only at first glance. For registration in photobank need to Commission, which will consider the best work of the photographer and decide whether to give the photographer the right to publish their own creations. Also, the Bank will take a Commission from the income of the user, which can prevent to earn a living in the first stage.

Which path to choose as a photographer?

And now, having considered the main ways, the businessman-photographer steps into your way and makes the difficult and uncertain steps. His figure dissolved into a Blizzard, leaving only the outline, illuminated by the sun that shines in the face of the entrepreneur. He was waiting for new heights and success. The same I wish everyone read this article. Try and not give up. Everything is in your hands.

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