What blinds roller blinds Zebra or a Day-Night?

What blinds roller blinds Zebra or a Day-Night

In recent years, a rich choice of blinds got a new one. Decorative qualities, a rich selection and practical application she had received from buyers high rating. Zebra blinds, also called roller blinds Day-Night, give the possibility of registration of premises and organically fit into the interior.

How to choose blinds Zebra

The design consists of two parallel alternating strips of transparent and opaque fabrics. Roller blinds Zebra stripes have different width: transparent band narrower, wider opaque to 0.25, see Raising and lowering the curtains, the chain without the joints, the strips being displaced relative to each other, changing the room lighting. In the manufacture of curtains «Zebra» is a fabric with a mesh base and crisp structure. Choose the curtains in the tone of the overall design of the room.

Combining transparent bands of fabric, the lighting reaches the maximum. Minimal light enters when combining transparent and opaque strips of fabric.

The cloth material for manufacturing these blinds are processed with Teflon impregnation, prevents the build-up of static electricity on the fabric. And has antibacterial protection so it does not occur allergic reactions.

Does not crease and does not fade fabric allows for dry cleaning, in the case of minor pollution it is recommended to use for cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge with a soapy solution.

Plastic and aluminium are the main materials for the manufacture of components. Colors used in the manufacture of fittings and boxes, will allow to acquire the most suitable option.

Made blinds roller Zebra and an open cluster. The first involves the roll of fabric, available in plain sight. The second painting is in a special cassette or box.

Installation of Zebra blinds for plastic Windows

Possible Assembly on casement Windows, window openings to the wall, to the ceiling. Mounting on the sash especially in demand, so you can easily ventilate the room.

Blinds adjusted depending on characteristics of the hoist and mounting:

  • Mini can be mounted on the casement Windows, easily installed and simple to operate. The disadvantage is the sagging of the canvas when you open casement Windows.
  • Cassette UNI – the most popular mounting method that eliminates the gap between the frame and the curtain. There is no shortage of slack in the fabric. Mounted on the frame glass or over the glass.
  • Double cassette UNI 2 – put individual sheets on the Windows.Equipped with a spring mechanism, which opens one or both parts. Pasted on the window sash. The disadvantage is the higher cost compared to UNI.
  • «Zebra standard» is mounted on a ceiling, wall, window openings, completely closing the window. Not one of them matched the Drapes or curtains, they are self-sufficient piece of design space.

Attached «Zebra» on the screws, with pre-drilled holes. Allowed attachment tape on the basis of the foam and clips.

The kit Zebra blinds included chain without joints, or cord, by which they are managed. There are systems «Zebra» mounted with electric drive, controlled remotely, with remote.

The advantages of roller blinds Day-Night

The unique design of the «Zebra» is responsible for the buyer lots of positive aspects:

  • installed in premises of offices, apartments, houses;
  • easy operation and regulation;
  • don’t need curtains or tulle;
  • easy cleaning due to the anti-static impregnation of the fabric;
  • stylish and modern design.

Double layer curtains «Zebra» suitable for the decoration of different interiors, be it home or office. A tastefully chosen color scheme and texture of the fabric unobtrusively and effectively accentuate the style and modernity of the rooms.

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