What bike is better to choose a man?

What bike is better to choose a man

What bike is better to choose a man? These questions are all novice cyclists.

A healthy lifestyle and Cycling in our country h become more and more popular. In this regard, more people are interested in knowing how to choose a bike and what to look for when buying it. this is what you will learn from this article.

Before you buy a men’s bike, you need to decide where you are going to ride it. the fact is that all modern bikes are divided into two categories:

for daily driving;

Everyday bikes, in turn, are divided into city road, and sport – on the road, cross-cantorini and trial. Sport bikes feature a more robust frame and less comfort. Great detail about the differences, see the article «How to choose a men’s bike».

I think that athletes know how to choose a sports bikebecause I do Cycling. Therefore, we focus on how to choose a bike to characteristics for everyday travel around the city and beyond.

The main criterion of selection of the bike is the growth of its owner. Below we provide a table in which you will be able to choose the Bicycle frame for growth.

What bike is better to choose a man

You can also choose a bike directly from the store by «trying». To do this, place it between your legs, you will need to stand up straight. Normal is the height between frame and crotch, you can put the palm of your hand (7-10cm.).

Such a criterion can be considered value. You must keep in mind that the new nice men’s bike for everyday riding, these days, is in the range of 500-1000u.e. Also have a brand model with a frame made of carbon fiber, the price of which can reach 10000u.e.

In case if a person has a very high weight (over 100kg.), he needs to pick up the bike with a strong frame, reliable drivetrain and suspension fork, as well as reinforced bottom bracket and rims.

The appearance of the bike to someone can also make a big difference, but not worth to pay this much attention. As a rule, all modern bikes are very attractive and a little different from each other. Besides, you can always change the color of your two-wheeled friend just repainted it with spray paint.

Based on the above recommendations every aspiring fan Cycling will be able to pick up a great bike. The details and nuances of each particular model are advised to find out directly from sellers, as each company is a manufacturer of bicycles trying to stand out gives your bike a special «bells and whistles».

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