What awaits us in self-building a house?

What awaits us in self-building a house?

Thinking about your own home, not many who can afford to contact the construction company, and some of the heads of families decide about self-construction.

Well, in some cases this decision is justified. What will have to face when self-building a house?

House project – the initial phase of any construction

Project selection, material selection for construction – this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can choose for your future home in any style of architecture and make it something unique or to enjoy the finished model project. Regardless of the construction of houses in Perm or Moscow, the main selection criteria remain the maximum reliability and comfort.

Choose the type of Foundation

The house begins with the Foundation. When building a brick house, as a rule, choose a continuous footing. For lighter wood and frame houses can approach the Foundation of screw piles or pier Foundation. If you want a warm floor, you should think about the solid Foundation-plate. We should not forget the engineering-geological properties of the soil under your future home, including the level of underground waters – you don’t want to constantly scoop water out of the basement, if the level is high? Perfect and it can be calculated, but there are indirect methods – chat with future neighbors, ask about the foundations of their houses, how they behave.

So, the project chose the materials and type of Foundation too. Next, start the work, especially excavation, and purchase of materials for construction.

Budgeting and purchase of materials

Since you are caring owners, we very responsibly approach to the choice of building materials. It is not enough just to choose a stone or a tree. Before you buy a particular material – examine prices, read about the quality of the material, the manufacturer and supplier. Why is it important? The same, it would seem that the concrete, at different factories can be made by several different technologies, and what properties had to be different, for example, blocks can be less durable, frost, etc. the same with the tree one manufacturer sells a high quality winter forest, well dried, and the second, for a cheaper price, sells year old who in the house can bend the arc.

Preparation and maintenance of estimates will help you to track the amount of financial expenditure, to know about the quantity of materials, and also to have an idea about the balance. With its help you can easily create the construction budget as the week or the month, and for the whole period.

Suppliers also have to be careful – for failure of terms of delivery can disrupt the timing of construction, scheduled by you, of course, if you don’t want to stretch construction for a few years.

If you build a house for permanent residence, then you need to ensure that it was energy-intensive kept warm in cold weather, so you don’t have to heat the street. Having once warm home, you will save your resources for many years to come.

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