What are the advantages and disadvantages of analog and digital video surveillance systems?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of analogue and digital CCTV systems

Numerous homeowners and entrepreneurs in the desire to increase security of ownership, turn to the implementation of video surveillance systems. And often the problem of choice by criterion «price – quality» leads to difficulties and may lead to the wrong decision. Since security has its price, and if the question arose, it is better to treat it very responsibly.

The advantages and disadvantages of analog video surveillance systems.

Analog CCTV systems have the following advantages:

  • reliability;
  • installation and setup of the system requires in-depth knowledge;
  • set aside a separate channel for each camera ensures smooth entry without delay;
  • affordable price.

The disadvantages of this choice have been:

  • the limited capacity for complex objects (large buildings with many rooms);
  • there is no flexibility for engineering and business solutions (sold sets: of camera, recorder, intermediate equipment, often even the need to use cable and wire products of the same manufacturer);
  • not give the best resolution quality videos (most often, videos recorded with analog systems not amenable to high-quality intelligence picture, which often complicates the process of identifying the attackers).

The advantages and disadvantages of digital surveillance systems.

Positive features of choice systems with digital components is:

  • -flexibility for almost any customer’s wishes;
  • large selection of configurations for any engineering solutions;
  • high-quality recording with the ability to analyze it using special software;
  • the possibility of increasing the scale of observation (adding new cameras).

Despite the above advantages of digital surveillance systemthere are drawbacks:

  • the high price for the device its on small objects;
  • installation and commissioning of 100% better to trust the professionals, which further increases the cost of this decision;
  • for efficient and smooth operation, regular maintenance system.

In conclusion, it should be noted that digital video surveillance is a great and prosperous future in the field of security technologies. Observing that the cost of digital cameras is gradually lowered and may soon be out of the market, outdated analog alternative.

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