What are textile Wallpaper?

What are textile Wallpaper

Textile Wallpaper is expensive and sophisticated material for wall decor. The history of their use in the interiors of leaves in the days of castles and palaces. In our days, Wallpaper, textiles also remain the property of the people with money.


Other fabric materials are available on paper or non-woven, over which is applied a textile fabric. Depending on the production method of the coating can be:

  • Non-woven, yarn glued on top of a base;
  • Fabric — glued on top of a base woven fabric.

Due to the fact that the production of woven natural materials (linen, silk, cotton), their price is much higher. The cost also depends on the percentage of natural material (for example, 100% silk or blend it with viscose), complexity of the design, etc.

Variety of textile wallcoverings

  • Synthetic — made of modern materials which mimic tissue. These wall coatings are easy to maintain and operate.
  • Jute are produced using native to India jute. The material has a pronounced texture and environmental friendliness.
  • Silk — on the basis of the applied fiber viscose with silk. Such coatings are elegant and impressive look in the bedroom and living room.
  • Linen — made from 100% natural linen. Pleasant to the touch and stylish look in any interior.
  • Velour — has attractive pattern and softness. Fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom and office.
  • Felt — used in the production of felt natural or synthetic analogues. The material is low maintenance, but requires strict adherence to the rules for fining.

For each kind of textile Wallpaper , you need to pick up a special glue, carefully prepare the surface and to follow the rules for fining set forth in the instructions. Gluing wall coverings, it is recommended to trust the professionals.

Textile Wallpapers are environmentally friendly, variety of textures, UV resistance and abrasion. The fabric materials do not miss the noise. Superior quality — creating a luxurious effect in any room.

Where to buy textile Wallpaper

In Salon of Wallpapers a wide range of textile wall coverings from the leading manufacturers: Aura, Wallquest, York, Marburg, 4 Seasons, Architects Paper, SanGiorgio, etc.

On the website you can choose cover, choose the options for layout. Here you can calculate the required number of rolls. Note that the Wallpaper from different manufacturers differ in size. Description of building materials is represented in the card catalog.

Textile wall suitable for decoration of living rooms, bedrooms, offices. It is not recommended to glue them in the nursery, in the kitchen or hallway, because the fabric wall coverings are difficult to clean and do not tolerate high humidity.

Buy fabric paintings in the online store «shop Wallpaper» in a few clicks of the mouse. The site provides the payment options:

  • Cash;
  • Credit card;
  • Through Yandex Money.

The selected goods are delivered in any point of Russia by the carrier that the customer chooses. Upon receiving the order the customer pays for transportation services.

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