What are pool chemicals?

What is chemistry for swimming pools

You built or bought a pool, spending a lot of time and effort to select the project, cleaning filters, to provide all possible detail. Think that is all, now just enjoy, swim, snorkel, or earn money.

But it’s been a few days, and the water in the pool looks not so attractive, she has a strange smell or color. It only means that now we have to go to the store and buy a variety of compounds, which are called “pool chemistry“.

Why the need for pool chemicals?

The fact that the pool has everything for a fast and intense reproduction of bacteria and algae warm water, light, solar, organic substances, which microorganisms feed on. Where organic matter if in your own pool no one really urinating? Even if before swimming You always take a shower, particles of skin, fat, hides it, Pete, you still fall in the pool and if the pool is outdoors then in addition You bathe leaves, insects, pollen. And, while You are caught or filtered, microorganisms eating enough.

Thus, You have two real options: either to change the water in the pool every day (expensive), or use such chemicals for the pool.

What drugs to use?

The question arises, what medications you need and what you can do. To begin with it means for regulating the pH (acidity of water). If the pH is too low (increased acidity), all metal parts, including the filtering system, will begin to rust if the pH is very high (high alkalinity) – will form limescale.

Necessarily need the drugs to combat algae – algaecides. They also prevent the growth of fungi. You can use them if Your pool is already green – shock treatment in high doses or for the prevention regularly to add drugs to the water every 5-7 days.

And most importantly, it’s the chemicals that have antibacterial effect. There are several types: on the basis of active chlorine on the basis of active oxygen, bromine or biguanides. Served chemistry for cleaning of swimming pools dosing pumps.

Chlorine scare us from childhood, therefore, first briefly about the other. Drugs with the active oxygen peroxymonosulfate contains potassium active substance. Of course, the smell of chlorine in the pool will not, but not all sellers will tell You that in the West, these drugs are used only as a means of shock therapy if the pool is very neglected, and never for prevention.

Bromine is an analogue of chlorine, and the smell is not of chlorine, but very specific. Biguanides are harmless, but they are, first, accumulated in the water, and secondly, some microorganisms develop resistance to them.

Chlorine-containing preparations consisting of an active substance (hypochlorous acid) and stabilizer (cyanuric acid). Stabilizer allows chlorine to break down, but accumulates in the water. The active substance has no chlorine smell, this smell in the presence of water, chloramines, reducing the application will only strengthen the smell. The fact that hypochlorous acid not only kills bacteria, and oxidizes the organic substances, and the lack of it contributes to the formation of chloramines, and a sufficient number of destructive. So modern drugs with chlorine in the right quantities, not the worst way out.

With proper use of chemistry for swimming pools You will have clear, clean water without the smell.

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