What accessories for the smartphone will come in handy during the journey?

What accessories for the smartphone will come in handy during the journey?

During the high technology we take gadgets everywhere, even camping. Despite «pumping», not many smartphones can withstand travel. They are afraid of moisture, dirt and dust, moreover, the battery runs down very quickly. Of course, during the journey, the phone is not only used for making calls and sending messages, but also as a camera, a player, a Navigator, an alarm clock and a reference – so many features and so little charging! If you send in the car travelling or camping, charging is a real problem. To avoid any problems with the battery and the integrity of the smartphone, you have to find accessories for your smartphonethat do not have to take for big money, especially for tourism.

Those who go Hiking or going camping, should bring a cell phone charger solar. Yes, they are expensive, but even in a week it looks like the phone will be useless and will last a long time. The battery may be external in the form of case on your smartphone or have a connection with multiple devices simultaneously. Solar battery weighs little, easy to carry and allows to provide devices for a long time alternative energy. If you are a big company, agree whether you will use the device at a time or should each buy your device.

If you are traveling by car, it makes sense to buy a car charger for your smartphone. For example. the store ROSCAs.ru you can even find accessories for the new smartphone Sony Z2 Xxperia roscase/sony-xperia-z2/. if you follow the stocks, you can get a good discount on any product!

When buying car chargers do not skimp and buy a cheap Chinese charger. Cheap car charger is unlikely to be suitable to Android or IOS, in which the capacity of a battery more than 1500 mAh. Modern smartphones and tablets work more than 2000 mA, so the Chinese charger just will not pull them. This charge is useful only if the phone is old and does not have an operational system, whose consumption is about 500 mA. The most common counterfeits of charging for Nokia.

Don’t want to look up the road, but high quality car-charging? In this case, it can be done differently – go in search of a voltage Converter. It may be the adapter from the cigarette lighter socket on 12V or 220V. A very handy thing! Clearly, the electric or electric saw with her won’t work, but the device that runs on 150 watts may be charged. Phone, tablet or other small gadget without a separate car charging may charge. If your model is inexpensive, but is original, it is convenient to use a fuse from the battery is full. Having such a fuse, and you charge the phone, and will not put a car battery so that it would be impossible to start the car.

Not a simple charge. If your old phone you can even from the tenth floor to drop and it will be nothing, with a smartphone, this trick will not work. Be sure to buy a casethat protects your phone from moisture and dust. Will be well immediately before use to test the case on the strength of some other, less sensitive device. With a good case, your phone will work normally after the rain, falling in a river or a puddle. Besides, in case there is a window that allows the phone to be used. This is very useful when the phone is a card or another important application. If you are afraid that phone might get, it is possible to take a steady case. From small knocks and bumps can quite keep a simple silicone case.

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