What a military mortgage?

What a military mortgage?

The program implemented in order to supply housing to servicemen, referred to as a military mortgage. At the core of this program lies in the cumulative mortgage system created for military personnel, which bears full liability, unitary, fully state organization «Rosvoenipoteka».

Mortgages for the military created the following Federal laws:

  • law No. 102-FZ «On mortgage» dated 16 July 1998;
  • law No. 117-FZ «On accumulative and mortgage system of housing provision for servicemen» of 20 August 2004.

In order to become a direct participant in the program to provide housing for persons on military service you must:

  • obtaining a testimony of a direct participant in NIS (the required period of service of 3 years, the presentation of the report of the guide);
  • the definition of a mortgage program and contact the financial institution that services the mortgage for the military (VTB 24, Sberbank, Gazprombank, Zenit Bank, Fondservisbank);
  • the calculated most loan amount on the mortgage in FGU «Rosvoenipoteka»;
  • the choice of apartments;
  • signing documents for a loan;
  • signing of insurance contracts;
  • the signing of the documents for the purchase and sale of direct seller and its registration;
  • the transfer of the final documentation package of a unitary, fully state organization «Rosvoenipoteka» for transfers of Finance directly to the seller housing.

Mortgage for military service is granted for purchase of ready housing or housing under construction (apartment, private house). Interest rate on loans from banks, which were listed above, in April 2015, was 12.5% per annum. About the benefits of this type ippoteki very well described here fsk-lider/lider/mortgage/military/.

Higher loan amount for mortgages on housing for military service banks have different, and many not more than 2 million rubles. Also varies and the term of the loan, however, until payment in full of the debt, the borrower’s age should not be more than 45 years, which is the maximum allowable age for officers in military service, with the exception of the captains of the first rank and colonels.

Mortgage for military service allows you to obtain the loan on the mortgage on the most favourable terms than the market average. Also, the military who participate in these programs can expect to have loans larger than they could give on the basis of income.

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