Waterproofing baths — professional advice

Waterproofing baths - professional advice

Bath is an integral part of Russian traditions. For centuries, it is associated with important life events: weddings, birth of a child, healing from illnesses. In our time, it remains less popular. Waterproofing baths – an important stage of construction, without which your building won’t last long.

The bath is characterized by the presence of high humidity and frequent temperature changes. This has a negative impact on the quality of the designs. In order to avoid the consequences, you need to install the waterproofing. Thus, you will not only protect the premises from damage, but also provide the bath of preserving heat.

Mainly for the construction of baths used:

  • brick is considered to be reliable and durable material;
  • wood, service life is 50 years;
  • foam concrete is the best building material. Shop knaufdom, it is possible to buy blocks of a good quality.

Protect from moisture, the floor of the bath

Protect floor from moisture

No matter what material is made the floor. Still laying waterproofing remains a mandatory step. It is also important to immediately determine what type of floor is in the bath: leaking or not leaking. Depends on the choice of the system output water.

The wooden materials service life is not great. So the floor is recommended to make their conifers. Resin is on the inside pushes out moisture. But in any case, you need to handle rough coating of mastic or roofing material, they provide increased moisture resistance. You need to lay the floor at an angle, due to this, the water will flow into receiving waters.

On a concrete floor waterproofing installed when the base is completely dry and hardened. On the surface is the 20 centimetres of cement-sand screed. The layer should be perfectly smooth. Then lined with the insulating material.

Capping walls

Optimal protection is provided by reflective waterproofing. Despite the fact that the material thickness is less than 1 cm, it perfectly combines the functions of a heater and paroizolyator. This product consists of a foamed polymer, which on one side covered with foil. Thus, due to the foil walls are protected from moisture and retain heat in the room. There is a separate type of waterproofing materialdesigned for steam rooms. It is the most resistant to high temperatures.

A substrate of insulating material mounted construction stapler on plastered surface. Preparation ideal plaster Rotband, the price of which does not require large expenditures. Then you can execute internal furnish. If the construction is of logs, the preliminary preparation is not necessary.

The ceiling, walls and floor should be well able to keep warm. Now a huge selection of products which you can use to install a ceiling waterproofing.

Of course you can use the old methods for insulation, but it is better to use the tape, fiberglass or foil product.

Methods and materials in our time a huge amount. You can use either, though whether it is enough bricks to concrete blocks, which price is much different. This is optional. But in order to prolong the service life of the bath, it is recommended to install the waterproofing in a timely manner.

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