Watch out for insect bites! Tips for tourists

Beware – bugs! Tips for tourists

The most desirable time for Hiking – summer. But for medical professionals – this troubled time. In the summer often turn to doctors with complaints to stings of insects. To some extent, it is the fault of the medical staff. Because in the media, in addition to the warnings about encephalitis ticks are not reported by other dangerous insects.

For example, a simple wasp can deliver huge trouble. At rest, during eating, to attract them are those products, which include sugar. If a wasp flew not to touch, sated, she will fly. But often tourists begin hands to ward off her. Then the wasp may sting you and raise the alarm. And then arrive several dozen wasps. Multiple insect stings can lead to death. To escape from them only if there is a nearby river or lake.

Swimming in the forest ponds, it is necessary to beware of large accumulations of algae. They usually settle water bugs. An open body allows the bugs easily inflict a painful bite. Dangerous if water bug, catch up with the man in the deep. Because the consequences of its bite are manifested in the contraction of muscles, and to reach the shore, will be very problematic. Selecting a swimming clean, not overgrown with grass waterways, you can easily protect yourself from these unpleasant events.

Also, be aware that insects may be waiting not only on the street. Bed bugs can be carriers of dangerous infections. That is why the destruction of bedbugs in the apartments of Moscow and other cities should take place immediately after a threat is detected.

Very dangerous for the human hornet. Crouching on the branch, the insect can sting multiple times. The pain is strong and burning. Due to the high toxicity, the venom of the hornet forms a tumor, which has been three or four days. When you bite, the smell of the poisonous liquid attracts other relatives. And if fighting off a swarm of hornets, much gesticulating hands, it is possible to obtain a lethal dose of poison.

In the nature of a lot of dangerous insects. Among them are insects that are parasitic on the human body. It is the gadfly. From the first glance it looks like a fly, not immediately treat him with caution. The insect, after being bitten, the pack lays eggs, which subsequently begin to develop, as a result there is an abscess. Often the gadfly stings in the head. From this unwelcomed guest makes a wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap with a long visor.

Getting ready for a camping trip or just on a picnic, be sure to carry a first aid kit with medication against insect bites. If you still happen to such trouble treating the wound, you should seek qualified help.

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