Warming the house with radiators of the new generation

Warming the house with radiators of the new generation

Still heat a house with the help of Soviet batteries-accordions? Just fall asleep under a warm blanket, and a day walking in warm clothes? Blame the Central heating system? Enough to knock teeth out every winter!

Warming the house with radiators of the new generation of efficient and economical! The Soviet battery, to put it mildly, does not cope with their tasks. Not going to say that they do not give the heating effect, but the efficiency is extremely low. However, there is another drawback – presentable aesthetic appearance. Probably your battery is covered by furniture or curtains. We are right?

What is the difference of modern radiators for heating?

We believe that is not far off the moment when the old battery will eventually sink into oblivion and will be replaced by radiators for heating of the bimetallic materials, which offers online store SAYANY. Why? Because they have clear advantages:

  • Contemporary appearance. No need to hide the radiator. It will perfectly look in any interior;
  • For a long period of operation. The average period of service of 25 years. While bimetal radiators can withstand the power of water to 68 atmospheres (which is not true about aluminum counterparts). A strong core will not leak even at a temperature of 130 degrees;
  • Maximum heat dissipation. Installing radiators in your home, you will forget, as previously warmed hands with hot Cup of tea. You can see how on the street circling a Blizzard, but it will feel warm and comfortable.

Shop SAYANY, you can choose the radiators with the desired number of partitions and, therefore, warrant an even better purchase. Including the radiator, the bimetal can be bought here.

Want cheaper?

The price of the product important – do not argue. But only to lean on it is not worth it. Chasing the «freebie» can be left with nothing. We do not assert that our prices are the lowest. But I can guarantee that by purchasing heating radiator SAYANY, you will ensure the best deal.

What radiator is better?

To heat their houses in different ways: gas, electricity or warm floors. Each method gives a positive effect. However, the cost of installation and equipment costs tens of thousands of rubles. Radiators will heat the room not worse, but it will have to spend from 2 thousand rubles. That is why the sale of radiators is gaining momentum.


Don’t know how to mount the radiator? Do not worry, the engineers will do themselves. The provision of heat will be engaged in skilled craftsmen who firmly attaching the device. Leaks and other problems with the work are excluded.

Winter is coming. Don’t wait until the frost catches you by surprise. Insulated housing right now, with the store SAYANY.

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