Wages of fear — a classic of the Thriller genre

Wages of fear - a classic of the Thriller genre

The film «wages of fear» is called classics of the genre «Thriller«. It was shown even in the Soviet Union (albeit with small bills). This film received first prize at the Cannes and Berlin film festivals. It’s all about the movie «wages of fear».

The plot of the film «wages of fear»

The film «wages of fear» takes place in the distant Guatemala, in its oil-rich areas in late 1940-ies. The first scene is the one from remote poor villages, which became a place of refuge for mestizos and other tribes, but for white vagrants and crooks. The residents of the village, no normal jobs, no money to leave this place. The only large company is an American oil company that took control of all the people of the region.

One of the heroes of the film «wages of fear» Mario is an unemployed, middle-aged man, the only value for which – a metro ticket in Paris, which he keeps as the Apple of his eye. His roommate Luigi works at a construction site that does not pass for him without consequences: on examination, the doctors put him before a choice: or he will change jobs and place of residence, or he will die from weed cement dust lungs.

Later the city comes Joe, who retired bandit. He was here because of what bought (according to him) a ticket for five hundred «green» and didn’t even look at the place of destination. He finds a friend, they get Mario. Very quickly to Joe realizes that to leave the village he will help only a miracle. It would seem, what can I do unemployed men in a hole? To get acquainted with each other, to fight or just spit at the ceiling. But the slow course of history changes when appears a nitroglycerin. Many of these interesting movies and TV shows you can find on the website Taqnvac ser.

The tragedy occurred – blew one of the oil rigs. To extinguish a huge fire can only be directed blast. Americans offer four volunteers to drive two trucks per well. Old trucks on bad roads they need to take to the platform a few cans of liquid nitroglycerin. A push – and nothing from them will remain.

Despite the suicidal difficulty, this job take four volunteers, Mario, Jo, Luigi, and former demolitions Juan Bimba (according to the book he fought in Spain). Mario and Joe are introduced near the beginning of the mission. To get the «wheel», Joe is willing to do anything (including blackmail and murder). On the way to the tower they will encounter many challenges, one of which is a constant fear.

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