Vision correction: glasses or contact lenses


Currently, glasses and soft contact lenses are an indispensable accessory for people with poor eyesight. To correctly choose the best corrector of view, consider the characteristics of both materials.

Behind glasses and frames

The most popular materials for the manufacture of eyeglass frames is plastic, metal and wood. Various exotic materials often used in the production of branded sunglasses. These models are produced in small editions and quickly acquire a rare value. In mass production most commonly used light weight metal, or durable, damage-resistant and scratch-resistant plastic. Sometimes manufacturers combine both.

The most popular metal for making sunglasses is brass, aluminum and steel, and some alloys. For example, alloys of copper Nickel and zinc or of copper with Nickel and manganese. The frame of these alloys is strong, flexible, durable and resistant to corrosion. In addition, to improve the aesthetic and practical points to help the chrome, Nickel and gold.

With regard to the manufacture of lenses, often began to use lenses not made of glass, but of a thin durable plastic. These lenses are lighter and less likely to scratch than traditional glass. The weight of the polymer of the lens is approximately 60% lower than glass. In addition, these lenses are perfectly suitable for people with a high index of refraction of the eye.

One of the recent inventions is a special coating for the lenses from the glare. They are perfect for long work behind the monitor, because it prevents excessive stimulation of the retina by light and can achieve the effect of comfort.

For many people, the sunglasses have become as an indicator of status, many people wear them in order to emphasize the image or to look older.

About contact lenses for eyes

Wearing contact lenses is very popular among people who need vision correction, more help with diseases of the eyes or simply for cosmetic purposes.

There are three types of contact lenses:

  • soft contact lenses (made of hydrogel or silicone), comfortable, fast and addictive. Lenses comfortable to wear and do not cause trouble, as they have an elastic porous structure that can absorb a lot of water. Slightly noticeable on the eyes which does not cause excessive discomfort;
  • semi-rigid contact lenses. In such lenses is long habituation, but through them, the better is the oxygen;
  • hard contact lens. Rarely used due to difficulties with addictive eyes.

Can’t say for sure which contact lenses are better is impossible due to the fact that each type of lens is selected according to individual requirements. Latest developments in vision correction or eye protection from UV exposure, led to the creation of absolutely unique lenses – photochromic. Lenses protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation by color change in contact with them to sunlight. Indoors the lenses appear almost transparent, but the sun changed its color to one that was picked up.

Soft contact lenses give people the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. In professions such as actor or athlete, people always need to see well and not feel discomfort.

Wide response and found use of contact lenses in medicine, which produces the set of operations capable of using lenses to solve many problems during rehabilitation. With lenses you can adjust the dryness of the cornea or cataract cover.

Lenses should be replaced every three months, and to buy the means to care — a special liquid and container. Free the lenses from fogging when the temperature changes or discomfort socks in mismatched frames.

Before you choose and buying a corrector, it is understood that you must have both items (glasses, lenses) in your life. Glasses will serve at home, and in everyday life at work or school. Be healthy!

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