Villa Long Bay

Villa Long Bay located on the Islands of Anguilla (Anguilla), in the Northern part of the lesser Antilles. This magnificent building is its architectural style is very reminiscent of the buildings of the Greek island of Santorini. Here are also linked together the three elements: water, sky and sand.

Villa Long Bay 2 (700x467, 81Kb)

Villa Long Bay – pearl of the sea

Long Bay Villa has two levels connected by a striking circular staircase. On the ground floor features a spacious living room with a huge outdoor dining area. From this room there is direct access to the pool terrace and spectacular sea views. Also on the ground floor are one bathroom and kitchen with modern granite floors and counter tops. From the kitchen there is also access to the terrace, where there is a grill near the pool. Three of the five impeccable bedrooms Long Bay is located on the second floor. Two elegant Deluxe rooms located on the second floor.

In contrast to the buildings of the Greek Santorini Villa Long Bay is located directly on the ocean. It is surrounded by tropical greenery, which is very picturesquely complements the overall picture.

Villa Long Bay 3 (700x467, 103Kb)

The facade of the Villa, in Mediterranean style. High reliability and low price of the decorative plaster can decorate this material large front square. White with blue complemented by lush greens perfectly blended with the surrounding landscape.

Villa Long Bay 4 (700x467, 85Kb)

Villa Long Bay 5 (700x467, 62Kb)

Villa Long Bay 6 (700x467, 62Kb)

Large open, airy rooms with Windows and French doors that provide natural light and panoramic ocean views from every area of this special home. Furniture with fine and elegant lines, in spite of modern origin, gives the interior comfort, which is so praised unique vintage pieces. It gives the interior a special atmosphere that transcends time.

Villa Long Bay 7 (700x467, 59Kb)

Villa Long Bay 8 (700x467, 57Kb)

Villa Long Bay 9 (700x467, 64Kb)

Bedroom interior is designed so that helps you forget about the heat. White and stone floors create a comfortable atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rest. Beautiful and practical ceiling adds interior comfort and makes it more luxurious.

Villa Long Bay 10 (700x467, 50Kb)

Villa Long Bay 11 (700x467, 65Kb)

Villa Long Bay 12 (700x467, 123Kb)

Villa Long Bay 13 (700x525, 127Kb)

Villa Long Bay 14 (700x525, 69Kb)

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