Unusual bookshelves

Unusual bookshelf is able to simultaneously perform several functions:to store your books and small items to decorate the interior or to perform some secondary tasks. In this article, you will see a few shelves for books non-standard forms, which can be a decoration of almost any home.

Unusual bookshelves 8

Bookshelf PinPres

Perhaps start with the most unusual bookshelf called PinPres. This is a hybrid cabinets, shelves. It consists of a pine panel which is studded with pegs made of beech. You can nominate them, creating hollows and septa. Thus your shelf can be transformed according to your wishes. PinPres comes in four basic colors (blue, pink, yellow, red), but you can always dye it.

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Unusual bookshelves 7

10 unusual bookshelves

Unusual bookshelves 5

Chair with shelves.

The OpenBook chair combines chair and bookshelf. We can say that this is an exclusive chair for reading. Here you are able to place their books on shelves and hang on special journals journal partitions. There is even a convenient space for cups of tea.

Unusual bookshelves 6

Unusual bookshelves 2

BUILD modular shelf for books

Next, we consider modular bookshelf BUILD. It consists of blocks of the same shape that it is possible to rotate, while receiving the new locations. These blocks are perfectly combined with each other. You can make them a wardrobe, a rack, wall or shelf hanging. Interestingly, if required, can be purchased a few blocks and increase the size of your shelves for books.

Unusual bookshelves 3

Unusual bookshelves 1

Unusual bookshelves 4

Unusual bookshelf 13

Wallpaper with a bookshelf

Finally, I will show you a very interesting and practical, in my opinion, the decision – Wallpaper depicting bookshelves. In our age of high technology book become a relic of the time. Personally I only read ebooks and magazines. So I not only get rid of the need for storage of books, which will eventually turn into dust, but also do not encourage paper producers, who transferred to this case millions of trees. However, bookshelves in the interior look very nice, giving it great aesthetics. Wallpapers with shelves will come to the aid of all people today who appreciate vintage beauty.

All bookshelves that you see in this article I found on the blog goodsi/. This is shopping blog where the author collects the most interesting and creative products from around the web. Here everyone can find something to your taste and to purchase, having specified in the description Cazzago of goods with reference to the place of sale. Convenient, isn’t it?.

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Unusual bookshelves 12

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