Unusual Board game for the company

Unusual Board game for the company today have become not just another opportunity to have a good time, but also aims to attract the players ‘ attention to the urgent problems. In this article you will see the most unusual Board games for children and adults.

Unusual Board game for the company

Unusual Board game for the company 6

Pandemic – Pandemic

Pandemic – this is an unusual Board game for the company, in which the players are not rivals, and employees. You together have to fight with terrible viruses that are spreading rapidly around the world. The game Board is a map of the world, gripped by a terrible pandemic.

According to the scenario, each player has special abilities. For example, «organizer» can build a lab in any city, and the «Manager» is allowed to give his turn to another player. In the last edition there was a «terrorist», which may prevent the team win. The purpose of the Board game – saving the world from disaster as quickly as possible.

Unusual Board game for the company 8

Serial killer – Serial killer

The serial killer Board game in which the player’s task is simple — kill as many people as possible, and if the police «sniffing around,» then to be in the hands of the servants of the law in the state that abolished the death penalty. For added flair, the game was Packed in a body bag (body bag). The game appeared in Canada in the early nineties. The canadian authorities do not understand what’s the sense of humor and instantly banned from this game.

Unusual Board games for company 1

Capital punishment or Crime and punishment

The name of this game I translated not literally, but in my opinion, the essence is transferred correctly. It offers players four criminal — a murderer, rapist, arsonist and thief. The player will have or to get these bad guys a fair retribution to the electric chair or life-long residence in a prison cell, or achieve their full acquittal and release, to give them the opportunity to continue to do what he likes. Comments are superfluous.

Unusual Board game for 2

Frischfleisch Fresh meat

Well, got to the cannibalism. To play for a group of tourists stranded on a desert island. The task is simple — to hold out a month before the arrival of rescuers. But to hold you through all sorts of «pasture, and it is possible due to … fresh meat of fellow sufferers. It’s nothing personal. Just a matter of survival.

Unusual Board game for the company 3

Blacks & whites – Black and white

Racial discrimination is probably one of the most serious charges in modern American courts (only terrible international terrorism and local «sexism»). But, if you believe this Board game, developed at the Department of psychology of one of California’s universities, and the discrimination will not go away. Conventional economic simulator. You can play for black and white. Play significantly more complicated for black — and-white begins with a starting capital of a million dollars in a black — only a hundred thousand. White can buy any property anywhere, the black was not any and everywhere. And so on and so forth. So, again the harsh truth of life. And again, like it is not everything.


Unusual Board game for the company 4

Ghettopoly – Ghettopoly

A mockery of «Monopoly». This time — «Ghettopoly». Players will conduct business in the black ghetto. And what’s the business? So what is known for drug trafficking, brothels, armed robbery, racketeering. Here in this business and have to deal with players. Among the game’s events have such — «you got neighbors on crack and now each turn you get another 50 bucks.» And again, the public outrage, withdrawal from sale. In our days the toy hard to find even in online stores.

Unusual Board games for 5

Public assistance: why bother working for a living? – State benefits. Fig roach?

The most harmful of this collection of Board games for the company. A variation on the theme of «Monopoly» whose classic versions can be found here: monopoly-game/series/alias/ . However, the question here is not about the purchase of «factories, Newspapers, steamships» and a commonplace making a living. To make the game in two ways — to work honestly from dawn to dusk and live on one salary, or do nothing and live on state benefits. In other words — we kind of «simulator malignant parasite». The humor of the game was the fact that feed the parasite according to the rules should be «hard worker». Well, in real life the way it is. The game appeared in the early eighties, have caused a predictable storm of protests and was quickly withdrawn from sale. In our days you can find on some Internet auctions and online stores.

Unusual Board games for 7

Twilight Struggle – the Struggle in the twilight

Twilight Struggle is a game that requires attention and thoughtfulness. It is dedicated to the cold war between the USSR and the USA. Every wrong move not only separates You from victory, but also becomes an advantage for the enemy.

The game is divided into three stages, where game events often coincide with the chronology of historical events of the last century. Field is a world map on which there are two main enemy, and the rest of the country need to gain game points. The aim of the game is to be the most influential in the world. One batch lasts at least three hours.

Unusual Board game came out in 2005 and has already gone through three editions. She has received many prestigious awards.

Unusual Board game for the company 9

War on terror – War on terror

It would seem that this odious tabletop strategy game called «War on terror». The war is kind? And the end-edge it is not visible? Let the players also fight. But not so simple. The player’s task is simple — to lead a state and lead it to world domination. And in the struggle for world domination. Including direct funding of international terrorism. From the point of view of many critics — as something bad happens.

Unusual Board games for 10

Battle to baghdad, the Battle for Baghdad

It would seem that the bad can be in a Board game for the company is devoted to the storming of Baghdad, released hot on the heels of real storm? Kind of like Patriotic — give Iraq democracy, and most do not want in a Board game. But a storm of indignation of the guardians of morality has caused some cards with game events». And there are interesting events. For example, «the car bomb exploded and you lose 200 soldiers» or «a shame that your soldiers were caught raping local women and mistreatment of the locals.» A harsh fact of life nobody likes predictable and the game disappeared from the shelves.

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