Two-storey house with a balcony and an outdoor terrace

Two-storey house with a balcony and an open terrace of 10

Two-storey house, has an open terrace and a balcony, attract attention not only from the point of view of practicality, but from the point of view of the original architecture. Such buildings can never remain without attention from friends and acquaintances, and to live in such a house will be cozy and comfortable.

The advantages of houses with balconies and terraces

  • Two-storey house in itself compact, as in a small area holds a large number of rooms with different functional loads, and the presence of terraces and balconies increases the area of the recreational areas outdoors. Such projects can significantly save area on the site, which is occupied by a building;
  • The presence in the house terrace and balcony at the same time, allows you to organize outdoor recreation and in any weather. On Sunny days you can take air baths on the outdoor terrace, and rainy, to enjoy the fresh air on the covered balcony.
  • Balcony and terrace is made in the same style as the house, are the original decoration of the facade of any building.

Here you can see examples of projects of houses with terrace and balcony proekt-sam/proektdoma/dvuhetazhniy-dom-s-balkonom-i-terrasoi.html.

Projects storey houses with a balcony and a terrace

The first thing you should pay attention to is the fact that to build a balcony without the involvement of professionals is almost impossible. A very big risk that will build an unreliable structure that may collapse or give serious violations of common construction. Therefore it is best to choose ready-made house plans or ask for implementation ideas to an experienced designer.

Balcony in a private house may be open, closed and mixed. During the construction of the open balcony should pay special attention to the quality of the building material, from which depends the life of the structure. Mixed types of balconies have become very popular due to their functionality. In the warm season, they can be opened, and in winter will retain precious heat. Often, if you plan spacious balcony, additional supporting structure for the arch. As a result, such designs can be successfully beaten and become an interesting architectural element in the exterior facade of the building.

The construction of terraces, not particularly different from the balcony, the main thing to take into account the load and the overall architectural style. If the terrace is on the second floor, it can also serve as a canopy for ground floor, will create less hassle and cost.

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