Trendy interior kitchen in Australian home

Trendy interior kitchen in Australian home

Fashionable kitchen interior with bar in the Australian house designer designed by James Darren (James Darren). In the house, which is located in Brisbane lives a family of German immigrants. German quality tried to achieve in the design of his Creator and joined a good design, the latest technical mechanisms and high quality materials.

Trendy interior kitchen in Australian home

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First room to the kitchen with Breakfast bar was long and narrow, so the kitchen was small and cramped, and nonfunctional. The task of the designer was to correct these deficiencies, creating a new interior.

As you can see in the photo interior kitchen with Breakfast bar, new kitchen there are several convenient working surfaces, to which access is not restricted. The space between the sink and stove is minimal, and change from one zone to another can be literally one or two steps. Agree, it is very convenient! Sink is similar to the model Schock Classic R 100, but square shaped. The kitchen has lots of cabinets and shelves, handles which are recessed in depth. It also increases the level of comfort, because in this case you never tripped over a protruding handle.

The interior of this kitchen bar performs several roles: table, working surface and front. very interesting implemented the backlight, which is also a shelf for drinks, glasses and cups.

Despite the fact that this kitchen has a very modern design, lots of metal and glass surfaces, the overall impression it is quite nice. The author has managed to introduce elements of ecological design by the wooden inlays of wood veneers and laminate light wood flooring. The marble surface of the bar creates a smooth transition from black cabinets to a white wall. Also I think a good solution with a window that visually make the kitchen wider and offers a beautiful view of the yard. The whole ensemble light spot lighting and bottom lighting of the LED lamps, which makes the kitchen a little higher.

In General, the interior design of the kitchen with a Breakfast bar is very convenient and comfortable. In this kitchen a pleasure not only to prepare to eat, but just to relax with a magazine at the counter and looking out the window.

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