Trendy hairstyles 2014-2015 season fall winter

Trendy hairstyles 2014-2015 season fall winter

Trendy hairstyles 2014-2015 can be worn not only in summer, when there is no need in a headdress, but also in autumn and winter. This year’s hair fashion is not difficult, after all, fashion stylists offer the most fashionable hairstyles that can be done in minutes.

Trendy hairstyles for each day is headed by all the famous hairstyle «Beam», which is loved by all, from small to large. The beam of this season resembles a ruffled ball of fur. It needs to be round , which dropped the strands of hair. While the bulk of the hair must be smoothly smoothed and divided into flat perfect parting, which was insanely popular this year.

Pony tail also made the list hairstyles 2015 . Doesn’t matter, you make him high or not, hair length is also not important, most importantly it needs to be smooth as silk. A hairstyle should complement the red lipstick and long black arrows. The clean look will be appropriate in the office and at the party.

Kare, this year beats all records. Many girls, learning about hairstyles and haircuts , in a hurry to cut off your long hair for this hairstyle. The above options haircut pictures which are most popular. Remember, the caret should be perfectly smooth, curly hair that is impossible to achieve, so if you do decide to cut it off, buy the right pad and get ready to apply it everywhere, as the wet autumn weather, will do its utmost to fight to keep your quads in excellent condition.

Braids that year encouraging fashionistas with beauty and convenience. This season KOs also got into actual hairstyles . It can be thick and thin, wide and narrow. It is important that it was braided as it were carelessly, hastily. It may even be as free. Also in fashion spike that goes not in a braid, and bushy tail, embellished with bows and flowers.

Long hair with light waves . These fashionable women’s hairstyles are popular among stars of show business. The loose hair, easy to perform and perfectly accentuate the delicate and touching image. A little whip wave hands and hair will be stylish and fashionable.

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