Treatments and their health benefits

Treatments and their health benefits

Treatments bring enormous health benefits. If Russian does not like a bath – then this is the wrong Russian. This statement would be quite fair if bath was originally a Russian invention. But bathing traditions of different peoples exist independently from each other, so it is difficult to say who first invented the bath. And is it important? Most importantly, stay in the bath is very popular as a leisure activity, which combines pleasant and useful.

What is the healing effect of bath procedures? First, under the influence of high temperature opens pores, increases sweating, thus, there is a natural excretion of toxins from the body. Second, immersion in cold water after hot procedures, has refreshing and tonic effect, beneficial effects on vascular tone. Massage treatments improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, relax the body and have an effect of relaxation, therefore, have psychotherapeutic properties.

In addition, medical scientists have proved that people who regularly visit the bath, have increased stress and a more balanced psyche. Children often visit the bath treatment, more relaxed and have stronger immunity than peers whose parents for one reason or another, deprive them of the joy of visiting bath.

Bath massages and treatments are very diverse as essential attributes of Russian bath is a broom. From the material of the broom depends on the therapeutic effect. For example, massage with oak broom is good for people who are prone to hypertension, fake massage broom will help for colds, nettle broom is indispensable for rheumatism, sciatica and gout, and birch – for smokers and asthmatics.

To restore the supply of moisture in the body after a bath should drink. Usually it’s not cold brew, fresh juices or herbal teas. Chilled drinks after a bath is not recommended, and alcohol is contraindicated.

Despite all the benefits of saunas, there are a number medical contraindications for this type of holiday, so before the first trip you need to consult with your doctor. If the doctor gave the go-ahead – feel free to pluck, call friends and go to the bath!

For residents of Moscow the question in some bath to go does not exist. Everyone knows that bath Bauman is the best place for relaxing and healing the body. Come here with friends and family!

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