Treatment with aromatherapy. What’s the secret to popularity?

Treatment with aromatherapy. What's the secret to popularity?

Since ancient times came to us the aromas and aromatherapy treatment, which to this day are widespread.

In ancient Egypt, incense was used for religious and medical purposes. Egyptian priests possessed a whole set of blends of essential oils to treat both physical and mental ailments. Treatment was performed by inhalation of a tent or flavored massage oils, obtained by extraction and blending of essential oils.

At the same time some types of aromatherapy was used in ancient China. In the book plants of the Shen Nung (about 2700g. to ad) provides information about 300 species of herbs and their application. The Chinese, like the people of Egypt used aromatic components during religious rites by burning wood and incense to show respect to the deities – a tradition preserved to this day. The use of aromatic oils is also associated with another ancient method of treatment by massage.

Aromatherapy for several centuries was used in India. Classical Indian technique of natural healing (Ayurveda) uses both dry and fresh plants, and the same aromatic massage as an important component of therapy. More about this can be found by going to any website of Ayurveda.

The Greeks took over a significant part of medical knowledge from the Egyptians and developed them further. They noticed, for example, that the smell of flowers was stimulating while others are relaxing. They used olive oil as the main ingredient for obtaining a flavor from herbs or flowers, then applying the flavored oil for cosmetic and medical areas.

Aromatherapy in the form of steam scented baths and massage techniques with herbal oils is often used in Roman baths. The prevalence of essential oils led to the establishment of shopping areas, which gave the Romans to import «unique» oils and spices from very distant countries as India and Arabia. With the end of the domination of the Roman Empire the use of aromatic substances has ceased, the knowledge of them was almost lost in Europe troubled times.

Some of the major vegetable oils known for their beneficial properties. For example, lavender helps with frostbite, juniper improves blood circulation, eucalyptus treats runny nose, etc. Also beneficial properties of plants used in homeopathic remedies that are taken inside, inhaled (inhalation) or applied topically (baths and massages.

Today, aromatherapy is experiencing a real boom. You bought a scented candle and light it every night at home? You love spring and summer to walk in the sweet garden? This is the usage of aromatherapy! In principle, almost any bath or body we use today, contains some essential oils and this is the basis of aromatherapy.

That is why aromatherapy is so popular – the ingredients are easy to get, you can make your own recipes for soothing or stimulating baths. You can select the suitable flavors and enjoy the massage, easily doable at home…

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