Top 5 mistakes when creating children’s room interior

Design of interior for children’s room – it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is not always possible to combine in one room the sleeping area and rest zone with comfortable furniture, a Playground with other children, sports area for sports. The parents are well aware that a significant portion of his time the child spends in the nursery, respectively, from its design and the situation may depend on the mood and character of the future person. Consider the top 5 mistakes that shouldn’t be allowed in creating the interior of the nursery.

Kid just needed a good night’s sleep, the silence and lack of odor, so when planning the child should be warned beforehand about its location in the apartment. Ideally, the nursery should be at a maximum distance from the entrance, living room and kitchen.

2. The bright color of the walls and ceiling.

Despite the positive attitudes of children towards bright colors, you should not abuse them, given the hyperactivity of the modern generation. You always need to remember that the color of the walls and ceiling has a strong mental and emotional effects on the child. Choose Wallpaper for the bedroom combined on the site delovie. A few bright accents in the interior will be enough to revive him.

3. Weak lighting.

Properly organized and intelligently installed lighting system children’s room – is half the success of the enterprise. Kids love the sunlight, so you need to maximize to make the window openings larger in the case when it comes to your own home; you can achieve this by creating a multi-level lighting. All lighting fixtures should be shatterproof or protected.

4. The lack of storage.

This item is worth to think in advance and thoroughly, as the children’s Luggage is much greater than the parent is and toys, books, sports equipment, and apparel for all ages, and much more. A good example may be the furniture for the kindergarten. The task for adults is to organize the space so that none of this is conspicuous and not lying in different corners of the room.

5. The creation of the interior in the style of your favorite cartoon or movie character.

The most common mistake that is done by parents – the use in the decoration of the baby attributes of any film or character. The tastes and preferences of children change very quickly as their growth and development. To avoid repair every two years, enough to pick up a versatile material that will faithfully serve a few years.

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