To finish the ceiling in a house made of wood?

What to do the decoration of the ceiling in the house made of wood?

The owners of wooden country houses, I know firsthand that during the construction, special attention shall be given to each part of the future house and to the proper selection of materials for construction. Then this house will become a reliable safe haven for many years, and will give the warmth and comfort of the occupants people. What to do the decoration of the ceiling in the house made of wood?

There are two ways to purchase a wooden house. In the first, you can buy it from real estate developers such as grandstroi, and get ready to stay home. The second you build yourself, such as you wish.

When the building is completed and it’s time to think about ceilings, it is necessary to examine the types of finishing materials, their technical characteristics that will give the opportunity to make a choice in the right direction.

Than to carry out the decoration of the ceiling in the house made of wood?

Overview of materials and their characteristics

  • The tree is perhaps one of the best materials for finishing the ceiling in the house made of wood? How this material will fit perfectly into the interior, even to say no. Optionally, you can give preference to the finish from the array, pins or lining;
  • The lining is presented in the form of a Board with the presence of tongue and groove. Gained special popularity among the owners of wooden houses. If you use this material you can count on excellent protection from noise, also suitable for wall cladding. Moreover, a fairly long operation and great aesthetic;
  • Veneer. A huge variety of textures to any type of wood, practical to use and easy to install, which gives the opportunity to carry out laying with his hands. Cost a little more lining;
  • Array. Choice substantial people, as the material is presented from expensive wood that offers durability and practicality, however, quite a high cost not everyone can afford;
  • Drywall. We can confidently say that this is the right choice. As drywall is a multi-purpose, durable and reliable materials. Will be very relevant in the construction of multi-level ceiling, but also easily cope with a disguise of all kinds of communications. In addition, hookerton may be the embodiment of all kinds of creative work as subject to dye, and even wallpapering, while the ventilation in the house will remain at a high level;
  • Block-house. This type of finish is made of solid spruce wood. Excellent thermal insulation properties and protection against ambient noise due to special processing not susceptible to fungal infections that are resistant to deformation. Very decent selection of material for finishing, however, is quite expensive and flammable, but that’s nothing new for wood.
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