Timber in construction, durability, time-tested


Timber in construction has been used for many centuries. And for good reason:

  • strength;
  • ease of processing;
  • resistance to external factors.

Over time has varied only varieties and forms of this material, which, of course, improved the timber. One of the most durable and modern is the coniferous timber cut. This product is the basis for the construction of saunas and is often used as a ceiling between floors.

The advantages of softwood

The reason for using this species of wood is simple: the presence of resin. The fact that this factor affects the strength and water resistance of the material. The more resin the tree produces, the better its performance. Also the presence of this element makes the wood resistant to rotting, as it contains phytoncids which destroy pathogenic organisms.

Through the use of modern equipment can be wood of different sizes and dimensions. In the catalog online store you can discover bar 150 to 200. This product has a cross section with these parameters, and a length of 6 meters. Material fully impregnated with resin, as manufactured from softwood.

The application and production process

The product with such parameters typically used as:

  • beams;
  • way;
  • structures for roofs.

To prevent deformation of wood lumber are kept in closed warehouses, after covering with plastic wrap. During transport use closed vehicles to prevent rising damp.

The production of the material is made from logs

The first task is to cut when the cutting – process which provides obtained products square shapes. Often use different production technology, it consists in gluing multiple boards. Also to simplify the connection uses a special lock and calibration. The resulting product is called laminated.

In the end, you still get a unique lumberthat has a natural ease incredible strength, thanks to which the product can be used for a long time. It is not surprising low cost. The fact that we do not spend major funds on the manufacturing of lumber, because we use advanced equipment that can easily parse and handle any wood.

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