Tiles for kitchen

Tiles for kitchen

For anybody not a secret that the most efficient and high-quality facing material for the kitchen – ceramic tile for kitchen. But it is necessary to remember that the stove needs not only a perfect fit for the kitchen interior, but also to be safe and durable in operation. In order to choose the right ceramic tiles for kitchen, you need to remember a few simple rules.

Design tiles for kitchen

Tile for kitchen 1

Of all the alternatives facing material for kitchen, tile is the most durable and more than any other, for example, Wallpaper or drywall that is resistant to environmental influences – moisture and high temperatures. Also, it is important to choose a tile in accordance with the design of a kitchen premise. Someone chooses a lining material in the color of the kitchen cabinets, while others play on the contrast of colors and textures of materials. There are now many computer programs that allow you to perform interior design in three dimensions and to understand how it will look «live». Besides the huge range of colors of ceramic tiles, there are samples with ornaments and patterns. A large variety of tiles presented at ceraland.

Characteristics and features of kitchen tiles

Tiles for kitchen 2

One of the most important characteristics of kitchen tiles is the density of the outer cover that defines its durability. Since the tiles will be used in the kitchen, it will constantly influence the active cleaning chemicals, high temperature, of course water is also on it will fall kitchen utensils and sometimes the food directly. On a scale of durability kitchen tile needs to match the 3rd level of the standard «YOUNG EN». Abrasion resistance impact on the box is wrapped in tile. When buying ceramic tiles, be sure to check the contents on absence of cracks, chips and stains, otherwise such production will be considered marriage.

Criteria of the correct choice of tile for the kitchen

When choosing tiles for the kitchen should be aware that the material of the light solid colors will be highly visible a different kind of dust and pollution, at the same time, on a dark or black tile is always very visible defects of the material, be it chip or crack. Many organizations now offer everyone to realize own ideas and to develop an individual design of ceramic tiles, it will cost a bit more than the standard material, but the house will be real exclusive.

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