The wooden kitchen is the embodiment of style and comfort


The wooden kitchen is the epitome of style and comfort. It is in the kitchen sometimes becomes the home for such an island of warmth and comfort. And if this room will be more stylish and attractively designed, the stay here will bring a lot of pleasant moments as the hosts and guests.

Wooden kitchen – choosing.

The kitchen can rightly be called the heart of the home. After all these premises in addition to its primary purpose – a place of cooking and eating – playing an equally important role. Here at the table going friendly family, arranged a tea with intimate conversations, meetings with friends.

In addition to aesthetics, the kitchen important functionality and ergonomics. When designing this room, designers strive to ensure that the work of Housewives was comfortable, safe and rational. The furniture and kitchen utensils are arranged so that she didn’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to move around the room and search for supplies.

The design of the kitchens often use modern materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass. However, the furniture is solid wood, has already become a classic, never ceases to enjoy success.

In the manufacture of kitchen from wood using the latest technology. They allow not only to get great looking furniture, but also to make the kitchen practical and convenient. This is the approach used by manufacturers cuisine in Almaty.

It is known that kitchen furniture is exposed to increased moisture and elevated temperatures, as well as various kinds of pollution. Wood before the manufacture of furniture, dried and undergoes special processing, which makes it more resistant to warping, cracking and water.

Rules for the care of kitchen furniture

However, the kitchen is solid wood does require careful handling and daily care. Dealing with natural wood furniture, you need to remember that any contamination is preferably removed as quickly as possible.

So, if the countertop gets wet, it is better to remove it with a sponge or soft microfiber cloth. They will quickly absorb water and the surface will remain dry.

To get rid got to the top of fat droplets also need immediately – later will remove much more difficult. Have to use special tools, which can damage not only the appearance but also the structure of the tree.

How to choose a wood for furniture?

Some wood species are particularly common in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Among them:

  1. Oak is an expensive breed, it has a number of advantages: durability, resistance to rot and temperature extremes, which is especially important for kitchen. Oak wood is the best material for the manufacture of curved facades, as it doesn’t crack or split. Custom furniture Almaty oak massive enough, so better suited for large kitchens.
  2. Beech is as beautiful and strong as the oak. However, it has the disadvantage of poor resistance to moisture.
  3. Ash has a good strength and flexibility. To ensure that the furniture lasts longer, wood is treated with a special impregnation.
  4. Cherry is a favorite material of Cabinet makers and designers due to its beautiful pattern and a lovely pinkish shade of the tree. This wood is easily processed.

Usually household appliances, build in wardrobes with sliding doors. Wall from the array distinguished by a large number of decorative elements, cornices and shelves – it allows you to look kitchen neat and thorough.

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