The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for aerial photography

Methods aerial survey using a UAV 10

The current benefit from the use of drones in the construction industry and show business makes this activity very popular. This article will discuss the main directions of the use of aerial photography.

About the intricacies of aerial photography

The use of UAVshas become available for small companies relatively recently, only four years ago, for imaging from the air had to hire a helicopter or a glider, if the object was out of town. It could afford not all organizations, but today everything changed. With the advent of UAVs in China, the cost of shooting from the air has changed significantly. This is due to the fact that the aerial photography was carried out with a relatively inexpensive radio-controlled drones. Of course, in the market there are companies that offer services for photo and video. It is conditionally possible to allocate two directions of shooting of light and heavy quadracopter hexacopter. (or oktokopter, the difference in the number of engines). A small quadrocopter, most often DJI Phantom series, used for aerial reporting orientation. The result is pictures of vacuum to 4000 pixels on the long side or 12 megapixels.

Such photos are suitable for printing, but they can be viewed on a computer or presentation in good quality. If aerial photography is not needed for marketing products that require high quality, this option is more than enough.

In the example below, the aerial photograph with the quadracopter Phantom 2 and Go Pro 4 camera.

Methods aerial photography using a drone

For more serious shots are usually used Canon camera 5D Mark III with good lenses, which «fly» on heavy copters such as the DJI S1000. In the photo below you can see the equipment for professional aerial photography, which is used in specialized companies.

The level of detail of the objects in the photo higher. The resulting images are obtained by corrupting 5600 on the larger side, the number of megapixels 23.4, the number of pixels per inch, 300 and in RAW format*. (This is RAW data from the camera sensor without compression provides additional benefits to survey.).

Aerial photography with the hexacopter can be used in printed materials: to do the aerial imagery for billboards and other outdoor advertising, for printing of booklets in surveying. This version of the shooting, will be the most accurate and higher in price (usually the price of shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III is higher in 3-4 times). There is a possibility of cropping the image (crop) and more accurately process the photograph.

In the example picture with camera Canon 5D Mark III.


Aerial photography in the construction of

The use of aerial photography in the construction of a step towards progress and overall development. Shooting in the course of construction, aerial photography for project planning and cadastre, geological exploration, advertising photo, all of these features will allow people to quickly create unusual and high-quality architectural units, including landscape architecture. Terrain analysis from the air, which allows you to design on a larger scale, giving impetus to the development of a sound infrastructure areas, Park recreation areas and new towns.

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