The use of mirrors in the interior — a necessary reflection

Mirrors in the interior can work wonders! Mirror in a frame All have long known that our life is impossible without mirrors. To make a beautiful hairdo or makeup, and also look at your appearance before going out, have mirror. However, mirrors are more functional characteristics, they can be used to expand a small room or to add a light. To do this correctly, it is not necessary to become a designer, you need to navigate the properties of glass surfaces.

How to use the mirror in the interior

Mirror in the interior hallway

The mirror in the frame became an integral part of each hallway, so here for the mirror is removed the best place. But when this mirror is a whole wall is not only attracts attention and brings rave reviews from guests, but allows you to make the space most often, a small hallway more spacious, to provide perspective. The dark small room is big and filled with light.

Round mirror interior design bedroom

The symbolism of the circle has a broad meaning, but for the interior of the circle is the symbol of harmony and order. Mirror round shape, inscribed in the interior of a bedroom gives a feeling of balance and serenity. And if it is outside the box large mirror, bedroom provided not only a creative solution, but also a sense of the finished interior.

The mirror arrangement in the living room over the sofa.

Mirrors in the living room I use not so often. Place which is the wall above the sofa in the reception design is not new, but very popular and successful. The mirror makes the room more light and bright, gives a special charm and solemnity.

Mirror in the interior to expand the space

This technique is used in cases when it is necessary to increase the space in the room – on the wall is placed a thin mirror without a frame.

Mirror door

This technique relieves the walls, gives the space elegance, conciseness and accuracy. The functionality of this technique gives the room a special charm. Bedroom or dressing room is the perfect place for this solution space.

Mirrored wardrobe in the bedroom

In the bedroom, especially the small size of the system storage must be compact and concise. With the help of mirror closet doors can create a whole wall that hides the wardrobe and will add a feeling of weightlessness.

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