The use of ceramic tiles in the interior of the apartment

The use of ceramic tiles in the interior of the apartment

Most often ceramic tile is used in the interior of the bathroom. It is the main material for wall and floor. Tile is very practical, because it can be wet, wash it often, including special detergent, it heats up quickly and retains heat, which is important for rooms with Underfloor heating. In addition to this, the manufacturers offer the customer a very wide range.

The modern market decorative ceramic tiles are rich with products of foreign and domestic manufacturers. Level of quality Italian and Spanish tiles are very high, however, the domestic factory is not inferior to its competitors. Marketing studies have shown that the average consumer, not knowing who produced a particular sample, buy Russian and Ukrainian tiles on a level with the West.

The types of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles, or tile, as it is called, can be of different size and shape. Standard wall tiles, usually rectangular, thin enough for ease of fastening elements on the wall. Floor covering make it more durable because it is subjected to large enough loads. Besides, ceramic tiles are used for flooring must have anti slip surface. Achieved this effect by covering the surface with a special solution, or polishing the tile. For example, wall tiles Emigres Mosaic can be glossy, frosted, patterned and embossed. To complement and decoration of the main array of the tiles, the manufacturer offers to buy special decorative items, frieze. The frieze is of the same size as the tiles, and it can be in the form of small squares, stripes that divide and emphasize the design elements.

Tile in the kitchen

However, not only in the bathroom it is appropriate to put the tiles. It protects the working surface of the kitchen from splashes and grime. Designers are developing models that will fit your kitchen interior. Such tiles often depict fruit or other food. Trend was tile, on which a large image is applied to the individual elements. This decoration will be the highlight of attention of any room.

The tile in the entryway and hallway

Often, doing repairs, lay the tile floor in the entryway and hallway. Tile floors in these rooms are very practical. After entering the apartment accumulates the greatest amount of dirt, which is applied from outside on shoes. When the apartment the children live in a wet and muddy time of year is always a question about where to put a wet stroller or bike, because the wheels leave muddy footprints, and with them the water flows, the tile surface will be difficult to wash off.

Mosaic ceramic

We should also talk about this kind of tiles like mosaic. This kind of decor has always been a luxury item, affordable only to the elite. Before, every single detail laid out manually and individually, creating intricate patterns and designs, now automated production significantly reduced the price of the mosaic, making it available. Besides laying tile is a pretty simple process for those who have the idea of how to do tile work. In the mosaic elements are fixed on the mounting grid, which ensures the integrity of the tile paintings. Due to this structure, the mosaic can be laid not only on a flat surface, but convex, rounded, cut it into individual elements. In addition to walls, the mosaic can decorate columns, doorways, fireplaces and even window sills and countertops.

Conducting repair work in your house, you can safely give your imagination run wild and use any decorative materials. Armed with knowledge and technology to create interiors that will not yield the best designers.

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