The type of bulb to give preference for lighting?

The type of bulb to give preference for lighting?

What type of lamp to give preference for lighting? Range of lamps for lighting on the market is extremely wide. In order not to get lost in the variety of varieties of bulbs, you should carefully examine their types, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of lamps

Main types of bulbs used in the home four. It is, first and foremost, the incandescent lamp, which served faithfully for the previous generation and still the most used. The second can be called a compact fluorescent lampthat, thanks to intensified propaganda called the environmental and energy saving. More exotic varieties of bulbs that are used in everyday life, there are led and halogen species. These lamps still cause people to wonder, which comes first, the lack of information from these types of lamps.

What is the best lamp?

The brightness of the light

To choose the best available varieties, it is necessary to evaluate each of them according to certain parameters, such as, for example, the brightness of the light. But it should immediately be noted is the fact that none of them are the leader on all counts, each one has strengths and weaknesses.

The worst result when testing shows the bulb, it is definitely the least bright of all. At the same power, led lamp emits ten times more light and «energy saving» five. Halogen lamp is not much different. The quantity of light that she is more than half, in comparison with the incandescent lamp.

The «temperature» of color and color light bulb

Another important indicator is the «temperature» of color and color light bulbs.

The most enjoyable is the light emitted from the halogen lamp, as it is much nearer to sunlight, which is a benchmark in terms of comfort for the person. Other lamps can be used, but their characteristics are far from ideal.

Important characteristics for choosing a life of such products, it is also the most controversial. This is due, primarily, with the influence of external factors and only then with the quality of workmanship. Nominally, the most durable must be the led bulbs as their lifespan is on average almost fourteen years. In reality it very much depends on the quality of the voltage, which can not boast of the Russian power grid. Power surges are considered to be one of the most common reasons for break on rare occasions. In order to avoid such unpleasant events, if you use any lamps to use voltage stabilizer.

If you decided to save money on lighting without quality loss, you should buy lamps in bulk. So you get a great lamp at a low price.

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