The Tara river canyon, the lost world of Montenegro

The Tara river canyon, the lost world of Montenegro 26

The Tara canyon, unique and amazing, traveling through it, there is a fantastic sense of unity with nature. The Tara river, the longest waterway in Montenegro, a distance of about 144 km, most of the flows between high cliffs.

The canyon is part of Durmitor national Park and since 1977, is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The gorge of the canyon length is about 80 km and its depth reaches 1300 meters. It is the deepest canyon in Europe, second largest after Grand canyon of Colorado in the USA. The canyon is definitely worth seeing, given the fact that there is a holiday in Montenegro cheap, and the experience exceed all expectations. After the rain in the canyon formed fluffy clouds, and the wind plays its intricate natural music. The vastness of the canyon are fraught with numerous caves and karstic hollows, and surrounded by amazing flora and fauna that is amazing.

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