The steps of creating a website

The steps of creating a website

The development of a web site usually takes place in several stages. It is performed usually by different people who specialize in their field, so each of them assigned a specific job. Thanks to this resource becomes more functional, well-designed, promoted, with good design and layout.

The process of website development

  1. Perhaps the first step is the decision itself of creating the site and determine its purpose. Only based on the destination of a web resource can be competently to create it, knowing what function it needs to continue to perform.
  2. Before you begin creating, you need to choose and carefully study the web page of their likely competitors. This will help to determine what should be the appearance and functionality of a web site, in order to transcend them. And most important – to all that is best in them and add something of their own unique.
  3. The next step is to identify all features of the future website: its type, functionality, style, the structure of the resource itself and its inner pages. This should work for a positive result.
  4. You also need to remember register a domain and setup hosting – without this the site cannot exist.
  5. The next step will be the development of the layout design of the future web resource. It is not necessary to come up with one layout and to immediately implement. Sketches should be few, only in this case you can select the best option. Along with this, it design of home page, internal pages, checking, Troubleshooting errors.
  6. The layout of the resource. Web pages must meet standards, be displayed the same in different browsers, to allow you to add or remove elements to be logically built and linked.
  7. In the next phase, the existing website is filled with content. Texts and images selected by professional copywriters. The content must be logically located, concise, informative.
  8. Next is the launch of the web site in test mode and full test with subsequent elimination of errors.
  9. The final step is the placement of a resource on the Internet, and register with major search engines and directories, as well as its further promotion.


The development and operation of the web platform should not be terminated. For example, if you create a site, consortium, or any one company, you must constantly update it, filled with fresh information, news… Perhaps change the design, timing it to any theme. In short, any web resource needs to live, grow and not stand still.

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