The stages of repair. Where to start?

The stages of repair. Where to start

The stages of repair – one of the most important doctrines that should be followed everyone is waiting for repair. For what would the saying «the repair is worse than fire» was not relevant to you, should be possible to correctly approach the issue of repairs in your home. Of course, if we are talking about redecorating – updating the Wallpaper, for example, it will not cause you much trouble. If you are planning a major overhaul, you should consider many factors.

First and foremost you need to decide on the design of your future interior. In this matter it is better to trust a professional designer. Of course, at first glance, you would think that this would significantly increase the budget of repair, but the advice of a professional will help to avoid many errors.

However, if you have decided to approach the issue of planning and design, no harm will be sketches, reflecting both the room as a whole and its separate parts, and to consider the future arrangement of furniture, consider the location of appliances and lighting fixtures to supply the right wiring and outlets.

If you need a renovation of the entire apartment or home, it is reasonable to start with the more remote from the entrance of the rooms to less to dissolve dirt and dust from building materials.

After decide with all the plans and ideas for your repairs, make a list of all necessary materials and parts.

For a successful repair , it is extremely important to observe the sequence of repairs.

So first and foremost is the removal of old coatings. If you are planning a window replacement, removal of old window frames, jambs and sills should also be conducted in the first place. The same applies to welding work – radiator replacement, piping for plumbing. In other words, you first need to cope with the most dirty and dusty work.

This is followed by a stage in which carry out all electrical work. Here, along with an electrician need to determine the location and number of outlets and switches, considering what the wizard will fail the wiring.

When all wiring is to be laid, it’s time to begin painting works – the alignment of the walls and ceiling. Simultaneously, work is being carried out in the bathroom – installed plumbing, laid tile.

After made the installation of the floor and door slopes.

Completed repairs walls, install flooring, skirting boards and various decorative elements.

For those wishing to conduct a repair yourself, it should be noted that the implementation of some of the work still requires special knowledge. Therefore, complex work should be left to professionals. In addition, professional masters have equipment that will allow to carry out this work efficiently and quickly.

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