The stacker in the modern world

The stacker in the modern world

The stacker in the modern world became indispensable in warehouses and on sites that are designed for the loading and unloading of bulky cargo.

The use of stacker allows you to lift and move heavy loads to people who do not possess great physical strength. Unlike manual stackers, electric more resistant due to its robust construction, which gives him the opportunity three times to reduce the time for loading and unloading. With its help you can easily lift any load weighing up to 1.5 tons to a height of 3.5 meters. Some enhanced models of self-propelled electric stackers have the ability to rise to a height of 6 meters.

Self-propelled elektrostapler can be operated in cramped spaces or in narrow passages, formed as a result of cluttered drawers with an asphalt crumb. This technique is maneuverable, easy to operate and requires no special driving skills. It is easy to maintain and does not require the specialized care of highly qualified mechanics. The use of modern batteries high capacity has significantly increased the battery life of the stacker, which allows more effectively to use them.

Capacity self-propelled elektrostapler is 3 tons, and perfectly fits for transportation of asphalt crumbs. The cargo is removed with a special fork, and the necessary ascent and descent of a forklift carries elektrogidromash. However, for the exploitation of many of the stackers need an important condition for smooth and hard floors. But some models have polyurethane wheels, and are particularly resistant, therefore, the condition for them is not mandatory.

Recently, manufacturers of electric stackers began to pay more attention to the security issue, so the latest model self-propelled stacker is equipped with special lateral limiters that protect the operator from falling off in heavy traffic the car. Convenience to the worker is provided a stand or stall where you can sit down and focus on the task. Also modernizarea the control arm, which besides the basic functions, performs the function of the emergency device, that is, if necessary, completely blocks the power.

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