The roof of the house in a new way

The roof of the house in a new way

The roof of the house in a new way is safer and lighter than its predecessor. Innovative building technology is not standing still. One of the interesting inventions of steel light steel thin-walled structures (lsts). Most of these materials to build durable, beautiful house, but when design and construction do not pay attention to the roof and the possibility of complex constructions. The shape of such a roof can be quite different, however, the more complex the shape the more difficult the installation of the roof. Along with this, the roof of Your house retains a variety of forms: hipped, gambrel, poluvalmovaya attic broken it — and gable, and so on.

The most economical in financial terms kind is the gable roof. It should be noted that the material for the rafters can be not only wood but also metal. One end of roof beams from which consists of gable roof rests on the walls, and the second on the ridge run. The dimensions of the panels of roofing material is limited only by the covered space of the house, if it is large – often set intermediate supports and ceilings. This roof design reduces the free roof space. Read more on the website gkds. If You are not happy with this situation, you can use a glulam or additional farms, which consist of a set of horizontal, vertical and inclined beams connected to each other and is a rather complex design.

In any case, all elements of the roof supports must be connected together by bolts (this is mandatory, because the welded Assembly will not give the necessary strength). The material for the roof or roofing materials are fastened to the sheathing, which in turn connects all rafters and truss windbracings.

A solid base of the roof assembled, now we need to insulate. Insulation for the roof is placed between the supports, and rafters and trying not to cut, finish gluing and the like, and putting all the layers. The material of which is made of insulating materials come in many types, for example, glass wool or mineral wool. Glass wool has a lower cost than mineral wool, but the insulation parameters is not worse.

Another necessary step is waterproofing. There are only three types of coverages are worthy of attention: an anti-condensation film membrane diffusion and superdiffusion membrane. Between the insulating plate and the waterproofing membrane needs space for air circulation, so it can ventilate coating materials available. To arrange such access of air by using sheathing which is fastened to the waterproofing material lying on the counter lathing. The whole structure rests on the rafters.

The use of such materials and the above-described scheme of their installation allows to save on the many stages of construction. That is why, in modern construction is increasingly used in light steel thin-walled structures.

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