The quilt and its history

The quilt and its history

Patchwork today it became very fashionable accessory. This is due to the popularity of patchwork. However, few people realize that a quilt is a legacy that gave us our poor ancestors. Poverty forced them to collect pieces of cloth and leather that are then sewn together beautiful mosaic rugs, blankets and even clothing.

The quilt and its history


Quilts and other products are found in almost all peoples and cultures. Ornament is sewn from pieces of leather Gazelle is found in Egypt is considered the first finding refers to the patchwork sewing techniques and dates back to 980 B. C. E. Around the same time was created in the Museum of Tokyo national costume adornment of patches.

The technique of sewing their patchwork was especially great development in England in the early 18th century, when the ban on the sale of Indian fabrics in the Kingdom there is a shortage of cotton. Calico cloth was very expensive and every piece of this fabric was treasured in order to sew several pieces of new cloth. Gradually the technique evolved, and the paintings began to buy original patterns and color combinations. This style of embroidery is called «patchwork» (from the English. patchwork).

In America the technique of patchwork also became popular due to the lack of tissue. A patchwork quilt can be found in almost every home of the New World. They were made from pieces of old clothes and scraps of fabric.

In the second half of the 19th century, cotton fabric became available in Russia. The quilt was then considered a luxury. Mother sewed them for babies, and brides has a dowry. Wedding quilt made of pieces of clothes the couple and the guests. It was endowed with the properties to bring happiness to a young family and protect their home. Such blankets are never shown to strangers, not carried out of the house and passed by inheritance.

Today patchwork is back in fashion, but if you prefer the factory sewing, you can buy blankets from the manufacturer the Magic of Tenderness. In their range you will find both wearing Swan feathers, and traditional cotton and wool blankets.

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