The pool and its variants

Before having a pool was a sign of greater wealth, but now it is no longer a luxury and is available many. First you need to determine for what purposes and what kind of pool you need. Today construction firms offer either a standard pool projects, or to create a project based on any requests.

To make it easier to determine your preferences, you must select the type of pool. Unfortunately, the strict classification of this building is not, as there are many criteria which it is characterized.

Types of basins by appointment

The purpose of the pools can be divided into :

  • sports;
  • children;
  • Wellness;
  • when the bath or sauna.

Also they are divided into closed and open. Many people prefer indoor swimming pools, as they are easier to care for, and they are more suited to our climate. To keep it clean enough to carry out periodically the cleaning of the room and cleaned the pool. More about indoor pools can be found here. Outdoor pool requires more careful maintenance, especially during and after the winter period.

Another criterion to separate the pools – the water intake. Here they are the overflow and skimmer. Overflow pools suggest that the water poured up to the edge of the Board, and then she naturally poured through him. In the skimmer, on the contrary, the water level below the sides, and the water is drained from the holes in the walls.

Construction characteristics this criterion is used most often, pools are divided into:

  • stationary;
  • collapsible;
  • inflatable.

Inflatable pool is the quickest and easiest way to «build» in his backyard pool. You need to put it on a flat surface, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the bottom. All necessary hardware – a ladder, pump, cartridge filter and everything else that goes along with a pool. One of the main drawbacks of such swimming pool is fragility. Depending on conditions it can last from one month to 5 years. That the water did not become murky and green, it must be timely to add a special chemical solution. Also, this pool must be collected for the winter.

Collapsible pool also can be assembled and disassembled at any time. His «build» is possible within days, excluding time for preparation of space and water. Is put the pool on sand base. Such pools are also divided into seasonal and frost.

Seasonal need to disassemble for the winter. Hardy, can stand outside all year round, as designed for freezing water.

A permanent pool is not possible to disassemble and move to another place. But it is more sturdy and durable, it can be put not only on the street, but indoors. If the choice fell on this pool, you should seriously think about processing.

A pool can be build simultaneously with the house, but you can reduce it later.

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