The parquet flooring is the best coating for your floor!

The parquet flooring is the best coating for your floor!

Parquet and parquet Board is a great floor covering. Their main advantages – beauty, eco-friendliness, safety and reliability. Now the choice of parquet coatings is striking in its diversity, and the affordability allows everyone to choose the best option to make your home cozy, warm and stylish. If you are planning to do the flooring yourself, it is advisable to use the flooring with a locking bracket, as in other cases, you will need the help and advice of a specialist to carry out the work in accordance with the technological requirements and provide the flooring for a long service life without the need of restoration and repair.

A bit of history

Since the days of medieval Europe , the parquet decorated the homes of nobles. It was used to decorate palaces, castles and estates. It was then that the parquet was not just flooring, and artwork. His appearance made up of indescribable beauty, artistry, enjoy which could afford not everyone.

Promotion of wood carving has contributed to the dramatic development of art parquet. In Russia especially stands out during the construction period of St. Petersburg when the flooring began to be created from different species of wood. Flooring served not only an aesthetic function, but also became a much stronger, more resistant to moisture. Due to this still in old houses, the flooring is striking in its beauty and beautiful appearance, despite the past century.

With the transition from manual production to industrial, began the first experiments with the form of a parquet and technology of its styling. But with the improvement of production and increase of its volume, the popularity of parquet decreased significantly, as the market appeared new types of floor coverings, more affordable for the consumer.

Types of flooring

We must distinguish between the parquet and parquet Board.

  • Parquet is wooden planks allow you to create interesting patterns on the floor and to implement all design ideas. Parquet restricts the designer, but it simplifies the process of installation. The price of the floorboard above the cost of parquet, and they differ among themselves in size. But the price kompensiruet speed and ease of installation.
  • Parquet Board is considered to be a more reliable design thanks to the three layer structure than solid wood. But despite this, the latter is widely used for the flooring of the room. Panelboard parquet suitable in certain cases when it is necessary to implement certain design decisions. The fact that this flooring has a square shape. Mount panelboard parquet is as easy as floorboards, which gives the opportunity to reduce the time of repair. You can buy the floorboard Slaughterhouses on this website or from authorized dealers in your area.

Also the flooring is classified according to color, purpose, texture, wood species, presence and absence of knots.

Mounting types

There are the following types of fastening of parquet boards:

1. Lock mount.

Considered as the most convenient. The planks are fastened together with the ridges and groove in their structure resembles the form of the castle. The mount is very strong, quick Assembly and disassembly is greatly increased. The only downside might be joining parquet boards door frames. And if the damage to the castle, restore it very difficult.

2. The adhesive mount.

For this method of installation is characterized by large labor costs. It is advisable to use the services of specialists. All you need is a levelled floor and parquet. The strips is carried out with glue. The process is quite time consuming, but the output is a flooring with high reliability and durability of fastening. One of the downsides of this method of fastening is that this floor is to disassemble and replace the pretty hard.

3. Fastening by means of auxiliary means.

Here the choice is varied, the auxiliary means are straps, clips and profiles. This method is much easier than fixing with adhesive, however, without the help of a specialist to complete the process of installation will be difficult. To replace such coverage difficult, as when stacking is used and the glue on the ends.

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