The palette and range of Italian furniture Ferretti Ferretti

The palette and range of Italian furniture Ferretti Ferretti

The manner of painting of the furniture dates back to the 15th century in Italy. That’s why the palette and range of Italian furniture is so widely known for its variety. For the Italian furniture is characterized by the reflection of the perfect style and the most unusual colors.

Special ability painting furniture has long been revered craftsmen of Tuscany and Venice. The world famous colorful furniture in the style of the Venetian Baroque. What color palette do you prefer in the modern world Italian furniture manufacturers? For classic furniture, class elite is characterized by a harmonious combination of beige and white and gold shades such as walnut, ivory or cream. Covering, pieces of furniture are a huge variety, but designed in a traditional style. If upholstery is used the leather, here are the prevailing colors such as brown, green and Bordeaux. The highlight in the design of the guest room becomes a combination of strict black color with silver. Equipment for bathrooms from Italy in style from classic Ferretti Ferretti will delight you with a purple-and-gold palette or a combination of blue with silver. The basis for the colour definitions serve as the stylistic preferences of consumers.

For trends such as art Deco or modernist style characterized by the predominance of the creative imagination, which promotes a combination of the most unpredictable shades. Italian furniture represents the style of the art Deco characteristic of the saturation of bright colors: blue in combination with ivory, Burgundy with gold, black with silver, ochre and silver. For pieces of furniture decorated in the art Nouveau style Ferretti Today is characterized by a bold combination of colors: beige, black, coffee, blue, beige and the like. In the manufacture of luxury Italian furniture, art Nouveau, manufacturers are using bold and exotic colors palette: Zebrano, tea rose, chrome.

Carefully colors for furniture craftsmen from Italy thought for the nursery. In the choice situation of this room, try not to deviate from the recommendations of psychologists and teachers. Most often the color scheme of the room are shades of blue and pink, as these colors have long been correlated with the sex of the child. In the design of furniture for the nursery in style from classic Ferretti Ferretti gm-house/ferretti-e-ferretti.htm dominated by blue and white or pink and white palette. But do not forget that will attract the child’s attention with bright, colorful, rich in a variety of colors, which also contributes to the development of mental activity of the baby. The ideal colors will be the Italian children’s furniture. This manufacturer uses not only the usual colors, like purple, random blotches of green.

Whichever way you were made furniture from Italy, she always has the perfect completeness in the case of color. The palette of color complement, as a rule, elegant jewellery, hand-carved, inlay a variety of processing. Through practice for several centuries, manufacturers of Italian furniture filigree combine all the elements of interior, creating color harmony.

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